Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Why Sheep?? Plus Video Blog

So....what about the sheep? What's so great about a sheep? BAAAAA!!

Well....let me tell you.

A sheep is precious in Ethiopia because they use it for FOOD. It is a rare delicacy. Most Ethiopians eat Injera EVERYDAY! I'm talking.....EVERYDAY, the same meal. It is a spongy type bread with a paste that they dab on it. It is very cheap to make and has become the meal of choice throughout Ethiopia. ONLY on holidays do those that are so lucky, splurge on a sheep for a nice holiday meal. Well, we have found it to be a total blessing to provide orphanages, communities, etc with a sheep, or two, or three, or four, when our travel teams go in to serve the children. We show them how much they are loved by filling their bellies up with that special food that some never get, and some only get on special holidays. We love to leave behind a couple for later as well. It is very important to show love in a practical way by providing basic needs in areas of great want and need.  We give clothes, shoes, supplies.....and SHEEP to children in need.
We have sheep available in our OH Store if you would like to purchase a sheep that will feed more than 40 children. You will have the opportunity to follow along on this blog as we travel to ET in July and watch us in action with the sheep that YOU bought and provided for the children. By request, we now have available HALF a sheep for purchase as well. That sounded weird to me until my real country friend said that is very typical on the farm, Ha! So a HALF, or a's up to you. Gosh! Back in the day I sold Avon. Now I've moved on to sheep!! Who would have ever thought?? Ha!!

To all the vegetarians out there, this whole post will probably offend you, but trust me, it is for a good cause :-)

I'm also going to be unleashing the VIDEO BLOG world on you all!! As much as I go and do....I'm going to be sharing it more with you all. You can see a little closer into what goes on in the OH world, and a little of our big crazy families, with videos I will be posting more regularly. I figure if I can type it out, I could also just show you as well.

So here you go....Here is a small clip when I couldn't get my brain off of the kids in Africa compared to how blessed we are here in America. We have been thick in the season of Easter celebrations, Proms, Spring weather approaching, etc,  which we can all take for granted so easily in America. When we travel to ET, which also happens to be where some of our precious children are from, you see how thankful the kids are for a simple meal.......for a simple SHEEP.  So as you see how far a sheep can go, you will better understand why I have them in our OH Store, right along with the Tshirts.  :-)

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