Friday, July 1, 2011

Getting ready for Africa! Buy One Give One...or Both

So we are gearing up and getting super excited about our upcoming trips to Africa. Our first team leaves outbound for Africa next Thursday, Yay! The second team leaves out on the 16th. Two teams, back to back, loving, serving, and experiencing some life changing adventures, coming this month!!

One thing I would like to offer is the chance for you to purchase one of the above tshirts for a child or teen in Africa. We will be taking them over with us next week. You have the opportunity to BUY ONE, GIVE ONE, or BUY ONE, GIVE BOTH.  When you purchase either the Kids Contest Tee, or the Adult I'm Gonna Change The World tee, we will give one to a child or teen in Africa, or we will give both to children or teens in Africa.

You, your child, or teen can wear your shirt knowing that a child across the other side of the world in Africa will be wearing one that matches, thanks to you....and of course we will take pictures :)

So, if you would like to give a new tshirt to a child in Africa, just visit our online OH Store. Click on the Buy One, Give One Category and choose which option you would like. Be sure to notice the coupon codes mentioned in the description, in order for you to enter the correct code for your purchase. Enter the coupon code at checkout.

Thank you for helping to CHANGE THE WORLD FOR ONE!

Stay tuned for an upcoming blog post, introducing you to our two teams from all across the US that will be traveling to Ethiopia this month :) You will be able to watch us in action.

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  1. That's so great!

    P.S. I just read your story in my new Woman's Day, you are amazing. :)