Thursday, July 28, 2011

Latest Grant Contest Results......

Drum Roll Please................(We announced this earlier this week. Just a little slow getting to the blog) :)

Winner #1 ....................Lori and Scott Florida
They really kicked it in the last few days (WOW) and sold $1,646.20 in OH merchandise! They had 24 orders in the OH store!They earned $658 dollars in commissions and adding the $500 Grant to that they earned $1158 with OH over the last week! WOW! Kudos to you both!!

Winner #2............................... Delilah Powell-Smith
She was the front runner all the way through the contest... she never let up! She sold 21 orders totaling $1509.35! She raised $603 in commisions PLUS her $500 grant!$1103 earned and going in your account! Go girl! She was lighting facebook up like crazy! It works! :)

Winner #3 ....................................Brian and Heather Keehn
Brian and Heather sold 10 orders totaling $1384.90! Wow! They earned $553 in commisionable sales plus their $500 Grant! $1053 earned!

I can tell you that the sales started SOARING this weekend- I am not sure if we have EVER had 3 winners all sale over $1000 in sales! Woo hoo! and it appeared this was starting off as a not so great contest- the orders came in slowly but you guys really woke up your friends and family at the end!~

One more thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Honorable Mention goes to Ashley Clarke who sold $993.50! She had 18 sales in her account over this grant period!!  Since there were only THREE grants and she landed at #4 (these girls were CRAZY close all weekend and I could barely watch!!), Kelly has decided to let her pick an item from the store for herself! :) So Ashley, and I think I heard you were going on the Bullock/OH Mission Trip to ET, pick out yourself a shirt or sweatshirt as a reward for competing and for selling soo much! Just let us know what you pick and we will get it in the mail to you!

Congrats to everyone who fundraised because ALL of you are Winners- OH gave away $4,282.53 the last 10 days to families and individuals who are adopting and fundraising for mission trips! WOW!!! ! More grant contests and MORE NEW products to be shared in the store coming soon! And yes, You CAN compete MULTIPLE times and WIN grants multiple times!

Just a reminder you can sale in the STORE anytime! You always earn 40% of what you sell!

Thank all of your Ordinary Hero's out there who supported you! Again, you are ALL winners!!!

For those of you who emailed us to let us know OOPS... you missed out on the Grant contest this time... no worries... there is always another one around the corner! Check the blog frequently- we post that we are about to have a Grant contest a few days before it starts! We also try to email everyone to give you a heads up!

Just a reminder YOU can ALWAYS sell in the store and earn your 40% commissionable sales at any time on ALL items! Thell your friends about fundraising with OH! Tell your churches you are trying to raise money for mission trips! Its fun and we do all the shipping of the products you sell!We make it really easy to earn money for your mission trips and your adoptions! You are all TRUE Ordinary Hero's and it is so fun for us to see your Ordinary Heros's supporting you!

Blessings to all for a wonderful day! Thanks again for allowing us to be on your journey with you!

Gina Payne
OH Fundraising Coach!


Again, Congratulations to the Top 3 winners!

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  1. A BIG thank you to Ordinary Hero for offering these grants! We're just finishing up the homestudy stage of our adoption and this came in time to be as encouraging to us as a ice-cold Coke in the heat of summer! God has convinced our family of 8 that we need to find room for one of two more in our home. We're headed to Ethiopia with a lump in our throats but wonder in our hearts about what God does. Check out to follow our story!