Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Team 2 in Ethiopia this Week!!

As Team 1 came to a close I must give a huge shout out and thank you to Visiting Orphans, who we partnered with to get both teams there and back all organized and safe this year. They are a great organization and help in many ways with our trips. 
 I now want to introduce you to another AMAZING OH team in Ethiopia this week. Our Team 2 is on the ground and going strong. You can see our group pic above but there was obviously a goober on the lens so let me show you the awesome folks on team 2!!
 My amazing daughter, Lauren, from TN

 So excited my 11 year old, William, got to come along this year!

 Above we have Carol from Nashville, TN

 Above we have Kate, from Arizona, pictured with Ashli who now lives in ET.

 We have Karen from Dallas, TX

 Sarah, who currently attends UT Knoxville in Tennessee

 Sarah's sister, Libby, who also attends UT Knoxville in Tennessee

 Kaylyn, also a student at UT Knoxville in TN

Carrie from Dallas, TX

 Brittany from Orange County, California area

Delia, from Cincinnati, Ohio, also the Grandmother of Zack on our trip

 Alida, from Orange County, California

Evan, from Nashville, TN

My hubby sweetie, Shane, from Nashville, TN

Zack, from Maryland

And finally, Alex, from Knoxville, TN

I was able to be with the team for their first three days on the ground. This is a great team with some life changing adventures in store. I will continue to get caught up on their week through the blog. Next blog post.....1st day in, and the team heads to Restoration Orphanage.

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