Saturday, July 16, 2011

Team 1, Day 8.....Korah, and then headed back to the States

 The last day in Ethiopia for Team 1. I have so enjoyed this team this year. Wow! Our week together really flew by. We went back to Korah to visit some of the children before we left. I went in and saw how some of the women make jewelry togeher. These women are either widowed or leprous. The make beautiful jewelry.

 We then got to witness the slaughter of the sheep for lunch.

 There are many kids here in Korah that need sponsors to go to the local school. Deborah acted as my photographer while I videoed in order to help out Project 61. I hope to find all these sweet kids sponsors. For more info on sponsoring any of these children, contact

 All of the children below need a sponsor for school. When they saw that I was taking pictures to try to help get sponsors they all came over. Looking to sponsor a kid? There are many opportunities through OH and P61 :)
 We drove some of them over to the soccer field nearby and played soccer with them.
 Sisay, my sponsored child, is a great soccer player. So many of them are.
 As soon as the game was over, Clay's sponsored child didn't miss the opportunity to latch back on to his neck. She is the sweetest!

 These boys had a blast today. I think their smiles say it all :)
 We all went back to Korah and fed all the kids in the summer program. You really see how far these sheep can go and the joy that it brings the children. They make a stew and serve it over injera. The kids love it!

 Everyone said their sad goodbyes. There were a few tears from sponsors and children, knowing that it will be a long time before they see each other again. Life long relationships were made on this trip. Children's lives were changed. Our team member's lives were changed. If we CHANGED THE WORLD FOR ONE.....I'd have to say it was the one receiving, yes, but it was also all who gave. I've watched my team give of themselves all week long and I can honestly say I am sending them back to the States better for doing so. We came. We gave. Our eyes were opened to a world beyond our imagination. We thought we were helping them.....but they helped us so much more. They helped us see what love is all about...what life is all about, beyond all the material things we take for granted each day that we think brings happiness. These children we met had nothing.......but yet they had everything. They had love.....they showed us how to love. They showed us God's love....and we will never be the same. For's back to the States for Team 1. We will take part of Africa with us.
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  1. Hi Kelly!
    Thanks for posting about your trips - sounds like an amazing time with blessings all around from the Lord. We are continuing to pray for OH! I actually saw you in Ethiopia - my husband and I were there to meet our children for our court date. We were at the 'post office' shops and you were trying to round the group back in the van. I wanted to say 'hi' but looked like you were on a mission of 'encouragement' to get them going. Thanks for being an amazing servant of the Lord!!