Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Team 2, Day 1 in Ethiopia

The day before Team 2 arrived I paid a visit to my sponsored child's home to see his mother. I found that his sister has a new baby, which was just the cutest ever. 

 I'm always so humbled to go into his home that is made of mud, grass and sticks...literally. They have put some linoleum on the floor. There are 5 or 6 of them that live there with one room and one bed. They said they all share that one bed. His mother explained how grateful she is to us for sponsoring her son and giving him a chance to go far in life. She told us that she tells him how blessed he is all the time and that he better not take it for granted. Our little guy is ranked high in his class and so smart. I do believe he gets it and listens to his mother. He constantly writes me notes telling me he loves me and that he prays for me. He tells me thank you all the time....and this day his mother wanted to say thank you by having us over for coffee. It was very special. I know we talk a lot about adoption on this blog but sponsorship changes the world for children who remain in Africa like nothing else in this world.

 Those of us who were still here, headed to the airport to wait on team 2 to arrive. We took our little dudes from Korah with us to greet everyone. They were sooooo excited! They had never been to an airport before. They especially thought the escalator was the coolest. Above Lauren stands out in the crowd with little Winker on her shoulders welcoming in team 2.
 Winker LOVES the young guys on our trip. Here is is teaching Zack how to stick Play Doh on his nose ;)
 Finally the team arrived and William became an instant hit with the boys while showing them his ipad which entertained him on the long ride over.
 Some of Lauren's college Kappa Delta sisters arrived. She couldn't have been more thrilled to have them in Africa with her.
 Alex was immediately put to work with the bags. Guys always come in handy on these trips ;)

 Even little Winker was putting his big muscles to work.
 Let's just say it never takes Winker long to make new friends.
 Guess what we got to do as soon as we got to the guest house? Yep, sort through mountains of donations to get them organized and ready for our week. It really is amazing all the stuff that shows up with the team members that they worked hard to collect and bring.
 Even the little guys, who have grown up in need themselves, were busy pairing shoes and helping us get all the donations ready. I just LOVE teaching to children to serve, no matter what situation they are in themselves. We can all give in some kind of way.

After everyone got settled, we headed over to Restoration orphanage to visit the children. I can't tell you what a terrific job Ashli has done there to help bring this place and some of the children there back to life. Some of you may remember me posting the need of the children in a previous post. Below you see the condition she found one of the babies in. We put the word out and many of you responded to help. 
 Now look at the difference in this same baby!!! Unbelievable!!Thank you, thank you, for your donations and your continued support of this orphanage to know that you are making a life changing difference in these children's lives. It truly is amazing and Ashli needs your continued support to keep this place running strong. She and all of us at OH can't thank you enough.
Everyone got to experience how incredibly sweet the kids at this orphanage are.
Our little guys tagged along and joined right in with these kids and their games. They all became friends quickly.

Beera got a one on one guitar lesson from Alex. He LOVED it!

Kate took pics of the kids and then printed them out. They didn't have any other pics of themselves. They loved them!

As the day came to a close I saw all the little lives that got loved on and all the hearts of those that loved grow even softer. I watched the children in amazement as they poured out love and I watched my team in amazement as they gave so freely. It was a beautiful day as I stood on the balcony of the orphanage and took in all the wonders that the whole day had brought.

Next, Team 2 heads to two different orphanages in the city and Zack meets his new siblings and his Grandmother meets her new grandchildren. Exciting things ahead. 

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