Monday, November 26, 2012

November Grant Giveaway Recipients!

First place, with a $1,000 grant is Precious Greico!

Precious is joining one of our Ethiopia trips in the summer of 2013. Her family adopted a 2 year old girl from Ethiopia in August and she has wanted to visit her new sister's homeland. After following the OH blog and seeing all the past trips, Precious decided she wanted to travel with Ordinary Hero. In just 10 days she has almost $1,400 towards her trip to Ethiopia! She is WELL on her way to raising the money needed for her trip. Congratulations Precious!!

Second place with a $500 grant is Shay Potter!

Shay and her husband Adam live in South Carolina with their 4 children. They are adopting a 4 year old little boy from Uganda who was on their agency's waiting child list. They are hoping to travel in April/May to bring their son home and are busy raising money for their adoption while they wait. You can read more about their journey at their blog. Now, Shay and Adam are $816.32 CLOSER to bringing their son home thanks to all their efforts and all of their supporters during this grant giveaway. Congratulations Potter family!

Third place recipient is Candi Galbreath, who will receive a $200 grant in addition to her earnings from sales, bringing her 10 day total to $436.82

Candi is fundraising for a mission trip with 147 Million Orphans to Honduras. She was able to take her daughter with her last year to Honduras and has wanted to go back since. She will be returning for the third time in April of next year with a medical team! Congratulations Candi!

WOOHOO!! Thank you to everyone who helped our fundraising affiliates out this grant giveaway by purchasing from the Ordinary Hero store. Remember, every affiliate receives 40% of everything they sell in the store, ALL THE TIME, so your purchase truly does change the world for one. To find out more about our OH Fundraising program click here.

Next grant giveaway happening December 7-15!

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