Friday, November 2, 2012


Last weekend was our big Halloween Outreach. This is an annual event that Kelly has been doing for the last 7 years. This year, Kelly was in Africa, so we had to pull off the outreach without her. It was coordinated by our wonderful friend and volunteer, Dana.
Here's Dana (on the far left) with one of the families we brought to Pumpkinfest
This outreach started out at the Nashville Rescue Mission in the women and children's home. Our Halloween Outreach Coordinator (Dana) took a few volunteers with her to ask all the children what they wanted to dress up as for Pumpkinfest. The kids were SO excited! No matter what these kids have gone through, how uncertain their future seems, they are still KIDS and LOVE to be kids.

When Pumpkinfest day arrived, Dana and her team were well prepared to get these kids all dressed up.

Cutest SpiderMan ever!
Meanwhile, we had ANOTHER team of volunteers already at Pumpkinfest waiting for the moms and kids to arrive. This year, we had over 40 volunteers and 55 moms and kids! 

Not only did we have volunteers to walk around with the kiddos and moms, but we also had volunteers who worked the booth, telling people who walked by all about Ordinary Hero.

Kids who were at the festival could also stop and make bead bracelets. One for them, one for a child in Haiti or Ethiopia! Kids LOVED stopping by to do this.

The kiddos arrived from the Nashville Rescue Mission and our volunteers happily took them all over the festival, buying them lunch and letting them enjoy the day. A fun time for all!



Our volunteers are AWESOME!!! Thank you so much to everyone who donated their time, money, and costumes to make this event a success. We could not do it without you! Special thanks to Dana who did such a great job organizing the entire event.

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