Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Another Ordinary Hero

Check out our friend's, Ken and Kelly's, Gotcha Day Video. What an amazing adventure to bring home their precious daughter from China. The song "Change the World" was written and sung by Tommy Sims and he sang this special version for them at their fundraiser just before they left for China to join her to their forever family.

This is one example of what an Ordinary Hero looks like.

If you don't feel like silencing the music at the bottom of the page then you can click here to go right to youtube and watch it.

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  1. aww Kel...Thanks for posting this! We can't help but look at Addie Grace and know that WE weren't the only ones who were responsible for her being here. It took the love of so many to bring her home.
    "we ain't got much time to do the things that we must put an end to the lies that say You can't change the world, I believe if we all get together, we can change the world"
    One thing: Pray, Give, Adopt...we can ALL do SOMETHING to change the lives of an orphan forever. Addie Grace is living, loving proof of that very thing.