Friday, July 10, 2009

Great News!!!

These three waiting children I have gotten confirmation about getting chosen off of the waiting child list that I posted on my blog just over a week ago. Praise God they are going home!! I could not be more thrilled and feel more blessed by how God is using our efforts to spread the word about the waiting children. There are more praises like this to come.

I also have a new set of waiting children that I am putting together right now. They will be on my ordinary hero site soon. Stay tuned....they are just precious.


  1. How awesome! I cannot wait to watch other children find their forever families right
    here on this wonderful blog.

    What you have created is amazing! Your spirit & determination is such an inspiration to others.

    Loved the Fox News story - part 1 & 2. They did a fabulous job. Wonder how many individuals will be led to be an Ordinary Hero?!

  2. I have not yet adopted but I am so glad that you started this organization. God has given you an outlet to touch and inform many people about adoption.
    Thank You

  3. That is awesome! I am so excited about what you are doing.