Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Just getting the pics ready to post from our trip. I know I have given glimpses of Gotcha Day but I thought I would post a play by play of my sister getting her sweet Lucy Lane. I am in tears just looking at it all again. What an amazing, sweet reunion of two people who have waited so long to meet. Adoption is such a miracle.
Kristi was very excited as you can tell.....only moments away from meeting her sweet girl she has dreamed about.
I am trailing behind trying to shoot still shots and video all at the same in both hands.
And I will let the pictures do the talking from here. Let these pictures remind us all of how our Father in heaven anxiously awaits his children to turn their hearts to him. He takes that which has been lost in His arms and loves us unconditionally. We are then made whole and complete and adopted into the family of God which fills that void in our lives. We are all adopted children of God and loved with an everlasting love which is no different than the love demonstrated below.

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