Friday, July 17, 2009

Calling Ordinary Heroes

Our brains are swirling around here with all kinds of ideas to help children in need we are getting ready to launch. I really do thank those of you who have written in and expressed ways that you would like to get involved. My goal with Ordinary Hero is to get each one of you who wants to serve involved in our organization using your gift. We all are gifted in some way. Even if you don't feel you have a gift, but your heart really tugs toward a certain area of need, that is where God wants to use you. We hope to help as many children in need as we can through Ordinary Hero but we also hope that by doing that, we unleash all kinds of gifts and desires in the ordinary people of this world who have longed to help in one way or another but have not found their calling or an outlet to do so.

A couple of needs off the bat that I am going to throw out there.....

1. If those of you in the adoption world feel that your agency would be willing to allow our site to post their waiting children then let me know. I have had a request for Haiti children and HIV+ children as well as American children.

2. If any of you locals in the Nashville/Brentwood area know of a storage facility that could be donated to our cause then please email me. We are in need of a place to store donated items that will be used to furnish homes for the moms and her children that leave the homeless shelter and move into a home. Most of them move with no belongings at all and are in great need of furnishings. We have found kids sleeping on the floors. So we need a place to store the stuff...REALLY BAD.

Please email me at if you can help in any way or have any ideas about the needs that I posted. I will be posting about our different projects coming up asap.

Thank you for being an Ordinary Hero.

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