Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Back From Ethiopia

As I sit here in the DC airport waiting on our flight back to Nashville, words cannot describe the miracles that took place on this trip. We welcomed our little Lucy Lane to our fam. What a love I witnessed between one little girl waiting for a momma and one momma ready to love on that little girl. She is just an angel. She laughs all the time. She never gave us an ounce of trouble, not even on the 15 hours of plane rides. Those two just love on each other and Lucy loves Kristi like she has known her forever. Wow! What a perfect match the Lord worked out for her family.....for both of them.

Kristi was so excited walking into Hannah's Hope as you can imagine, while awaiting that glorious meeting with her new love.

This was the sweetest meeting of two people who had long awaited one another that I had ever seen. We just all cried...except for Lucy....she was all smiles. What a precious site it was.

I took hundreds of pics of the orphans at Hannah's Hope but I have to be careful not to show any of them online. I will go through and better pick some photos when I have time. For now, I will post a few from the trip. This orphanage was truly amazing. I speak from experience and having adopted before . My son came from another orphanage and there is just no comparison. I was so blown away by the love that these special mothers just pour on these little ones. For those of you still waiting on your children from this orphanage let me tell you that they are being well taken care of. And I cannot say enough about the director. This place shines with the excellence and love that she pours into it on a daily basis.

Of course the sites on the streets and in the lives of these precious people are just heartbreaking. It is very humbling and such a good reminder of how very blessed we all are in the US.

The pic below was of a fam that came up to me begging. You will notice the packs of crackers in their hands. I always have those on deck to pass out to the beggers.

The little guy below saw me passing out the crackers and didn't want to be left out so he came running with all his might, bless his heart. Of course I loaded him up.

Below, you will see that we took a tour of the Fistula Hospital. I wasn't allowed to take pics inside but this place was just amazing. They treat hundreds of women who have been shunned from their families due to having problems as a result of labor gone bad and other more traumatic details which leaves their bodies with an odor and brokeness in not only their body but their spirit. This place treats them for free and brings them back to normal and even gives them a new dress to leave in as well as a new spirit. I was completely blown away by the number of women who were living here while being treated.

More pics of Krisit and Lucy bonding. It was an immediate connection.

Below is a pic of Lucy in her room, beside her bed at Hannah's Hope with one of her special mothers. By the time we left on our last day her little bed was already filled with another sweetie waiting on her family.

Literally right outside our back balcony window of the hotel room was a little village of people who lived in metal homemade homes and some other homes that were made of sticks and mud. I would watch them live their simple lives of washing clothes in the buckets and hanging them to dry, fixing fires, and carrying water. I heard laughing and saw two little girls kicking a deflated soccer ball around. They didn't seem to have a care in the world when in their reality they lived in what we would call a campsite. At one point they looked up and saw me and gathered several family members to come wave to me. As much as I loved watching them, I think it was a treat for them to stare at the white face. They were adorable.

I am still in awe of how the Lord worked everything out perfectly for this trip. I set out with a prayer in mind to maybe find my son's birthmom and as God's will would have it....I did. I still cannot think about it without tears swelling in my eyes. It truly was an experience that I will never forget. I was able to meet his deaf mother and his older sister. The image in my mind of those two crying as they looked through the pictures of Nathan, the way they hugged the album and kissed his pictures as tears flowed and they lifted their hands to the sky in thanks to God as they hugged my neck, is an experience that will forever stay in my mind and heart. It truly was heartbreaking as I watched the love pour out of them for this little boy that this mother so sacrificially gave up because she could not provide for him and she loved him enough to give him a life she knew she could never have, nor could provide.
My heart is heavy and we have a lot of praying to do concerning his sister. It is a tough situation with many obstacles....but God got me there and He will continue to give answers. These two forever blessed my soul.
Thank you for your steps were truly guided as He went before me as well as my sister.
More stories to come. Just ready to get home at this point.

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