Monday, January 18, 2010

Adoption in Haiti.....Is it possible??

I recently saw this update on the Rainbow Kids website that I wanted to share. I have been contacted by several of you wanting to know what we can do to help these children. I am looking into all kinds of options but wanted to pass on this info in the meantime. None of us can really understand how difficult it is in every area of what is taking place over there. This article as well as the highlighted articles give some good insight and info.

Helping Haiti 's Most Vulnerable
Orphans in Crisis
January 02,2010 / Martha Osborne

In the midst of this crisis, many readers of RainbowKids have called and emailed, wondering what can be done for Haiti 's orphans. While it is not possible to adopt Haitian children who have been separated from their families (due to their undetermined orphan status), there is still much that may be done to ease the suffering of these children.

While the need to take in additional children is being considered by the orphanage staffs, it must also be noted that the caretakers of the orphanages are primarily Haitian women who have their own families to care for during this time of tragedy. Fortunately, we are hearing reports of local families coming forward in the least damaged areas to offer temporary care for the children of the orphanages. Though poor economically, it should be noted that the people of Haiti are a warm and loving people who recognize the needs of their community. They are reaching out to one another, offering their homes and care whenever possible.

Currently, the greatest challenge is getting the much needed supplies in and around the country. Most of these orphanages are small, housing from 12 to under 100 children.

CLICK HERE to read the remainder of this article on the Rainbowkids site for info on organizations that are taking donations as well as a list of orphanages in Port-Au- Prince and their situations right now.

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  1. First, thanks for all you do. I have been haunted by the latest in Haiti. I am watching Larry King right now & they just showed 125 babies in the back of a truck. I know there is so much red tape involving adoptions but it still breaks my heart! Please let us know if you hear anything more encouraging. I know the Lord has not forgotten these sweet children but I wish there was more we could do!
    a7ellis at hotmail dot com