Saturday, January 16, 2010

Micah Made it Home

I am so thrilled to announce that this precious waiting child made it home to America last night and I got to witness his homecoming. He especially pulls my heartstrings because I personally met him last June while I was in Ethiopia with my sister when she went to pick up her Lucy Lane. I just could not bare the thought of the older children sitting and waiting for adoption so I took pictures of the older children that had not been chosen by a family for adoption yet. I brought the pictures and the story home to America and sent out one simple email with several waiting children on it along with a simple blog post. It circulated and ended up in the inbox of a friend of mine who I have gone to church with for years. She said she took one look at his sweet face and busted into tears. She said she just knew that God was speaking something to her. It was confirmed through her husband, who had been hard to take the adoption leap up to this point. He took one look and listened to his wife and saw her tears and said "Let's go get our son." Their other two children were ecstatic and so the process began. Now seven months later you see one little boy who went from a waiting child in the picture above........

to the sweet picture you see below, waiting for his family to come get him.........

to arriving home safely in the new loving arms of his brand new family that God chose especially for him.
He is just so full of life and sweet I can't even explain. Below you see me with some of the kiddos at the orphanage that Micah is from while on the trip to ET.
You see, Micah knew exactly what I was doing when I took his pictures. He knew I was going to try to find him a family. Boy, did he perform all his tricks for me. He was wanting to make sure I saw everything he could do. It is sad to think that he thought that if just maybe he could do something cool then it would help him get adopted. I breaks my heart.
He absolutely LOVES having his picture taken and then looking at it. He would jump rope, bounce on the big ball, swing on the swing, just whatever he could think of for me to take a picture of him doing.

And he never took the smile off his face. My heart broke as I watched him jump all around in hopes that I could somehow help him find his family. My heart broke at the thought that he did not have one. I looked at his smiling face and thought of my son, who was also an older, waiting child and I knew that God could give this little one a future as well.

Here, below you see him pictured with his best buddies. Well the neatest thing of all, is that at the very same time God was moving the heart of the Worton family to adopt Micah, He also saw to it that the same email got in the inbox of some of their best friends, the Estes family, in another state who were moved to adopt these two little guys......and they didn't even know the other was thinking about it, nor that these kids were best friends. As things would turn out these two families turned in everything together, passed court on the same day, traveled together and showed up to get their little guys all on the same day. They will be best friends forever now. Tell me that God doesn't work in miraculous ways. I hope to post pics of their homecoming as well, soon.
Below are some pictures of his homecoming last night at the airport. I never would have imagined back in June when I was taking pictures of this precious, little waiting child that I would get to welcome him home to our community just 7 months later. I thought he for sure would not remember me but he looked right at me and his eyes got real big with excitement and he ran right up to me and gave me a big hug. Can you believe that he remembered me from 7 months ago. It was so neat. I showed him some of the pictures I took back in June to remind him and he was pointing to everyone in the shots telling me who they all were. God is so awesome!!
I just love how the adoption bug rubs off on others. It is all a part of God's perfect plan. Tracy, below, adopted her son from ET and inspired me and my sister to adopt. She also happens to be neighbors with the Worton family, who I happened to go to church with and who watched us bring our son home. You see how God connects the dots. It is so neat.

Below, Tracy's little guy inspired us all.
This was the cutest thing watching Micah love on Lucy Lane. He remembered her from the orphanage they were in together and was telling her hello.

It is so neat seeing him light up with wonder at all of the "firsts" he will experience. He had never seen balloons float before.
He seems to love his big brother.
And he loves his big sister.
Kristi and Lucy seemed especially happy to see him again.

Congratulations to this special little guy and his family. Let this all stir our hearts toward adoption and the waiting children that pray for their families to find them all over this world. All they long for is the love of a family. And trust me, if they had the opportunity and they thought someone was watching, they would jump rope, stand on their head, turn back flips if they thought it would help them get adopted. But they don't need to do any of that. They just need to be found. They need to be found by loving families who will simply say "Yes".
Has God laid anything on YOUR heart lately???



  1. Your blog always captures my heart Kelly. I especially love to see how God is making adoption a more feasible rather than foreign idea to people by witnessing it in all its beauty firsthand. We're somewhere on our journey toward it and can't wait to see how the story ends.

  2. awesome post..i linked to it, kj

  3. What an amazing God story of how this all weaves together!!! Thank you for posting!

  4. Oh my goodness!!! Can I just say, that was a moving post!!

  5. Terri here...Oh Kelly, this post brings such JOY to my heart! The two little guys being adopted by the Estes family are the brothers that melted my heart and that I started the paperwork on, but felt during the process that God had another plan...he did. What a beautiful plan it is. I am thrilled that the Estes famliy and Worton's will forever be linked in this way and that their boys will all be "brothers" who share a history and a future! My heart is still hoping, but in the meantime having my eyes opened to this world has changed my life forever !!! Welcome home Michah!!

    You helped connect those God dots.... you have a special ministry! Those families are all connected - it's such a sweet story - I think someone in your family should be writing a book, and these are just the early chapters! This is just the beginning of something BIG!

  7. BEAUTIFUL!! I loved reading this. So thankful that Micah has a wonderful family and hoping more children have families and a place to call home...

  8. Praise the Lord! I think if we were not already in the adoption process, this post would make me want to start! :0) LOVED IT! So happy for this boy and this family and it broke my heart too how you said its sad that he even thought that he had to perform or act a certain way in order to get adopted! So glad he has a forever family!

  9. God is so awesome and thank you for helping Him connect the dots...

  10. Praise worthy post!
    Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,

  11. Kelly, I remember this precious boy! 3 boys surrounded me and were telling me their "state". Where their families were and he didn't have a state..broke my heart.
    But now he does! Praise be to God and thank you for this obedient family who answered the call and stepped out on faith.

    Thank you Kelly for being obedient too. And on the move.

  12. Kelly, Thank you for such a beautiful post! I just got to read it and you tell it so well. We are loving every minute with Micah, he is such a joy. To think that we would've missed this blessing had God not used you, your heart and your camera. We can't begin to thank you for your obedience. Just so glad you get to be reminded of what your ministry is doing every time you see him!

    You are a blessing! Can't wait to take family photos with you soon!
    Love you, my friend!

  13. this is so cool. i remember those three boys from hh when we traveled in july! i miss your family blog, kelly. so does my 9 year old daughter who loved looking at pix of your beautiful girls. :) love all you are doing with this blog!