Thursday, January 21, 2010

Info For Possible Temporary Placement

Just saw that the info about Indiana could have been a misunderstanding. You can go to the Christian Alliance site to read more. Sorry about that. I hear all this like the rest of you and did call the number listed and got a recording regarding it from Safe Families.

Just got this info from Middle TN Orphan Alliance.


It’s still quite possible that many of the Haitian children WILL be provided passage to other countries including the US, knowing that at least temporarily they can be given the basic necessities of water, food, shelter and loving people to help them through this tragedy. No governmental procedures are currently in place so how this will happen and who will be involved are big unknowns currently. The situation is very fluid and can change by the moment.

Because there is a chance that a number of these children will need to come to the US for temporary or permanent care, we want to try to be one step ahead. Organizations such as Lydia Home in Chicago (where Safe Families originated) and 4Kids in South Florida are two of the organizations who have already been asked to help. As you know, we’ve discussed Safe Families many times in our meetings. The concept of providing temporary foster care for these children is the perfect solution if they are brought to the US. Depending on the numbers, they very well could be inundated and not able to provide for all. In that case, churches and regional alliances like ours could possibly be called into action and we want to be ready.

To be proactive, MTOA is building a database of families who also have been through some of the process in either the area of foster care, adoption home studies or Safe Families training. We have created a very high-level survey for you to take a look at. If you have an interest at any level in caring for any of these children, please take a moment and fill out the survey. The information will only be stored and used if we are indeed told that children will be coming to the middle TN area. The questions are simply some of your contact info, whether or not you’re already in the approval process for an adoption (this would speed up the process since you would already have some of the background checks completed). Obviously, the agencies involved would have final say on approvals but this is just to be one step ahead in case we as the body of Christ are called to help. This is only a first step. If called upon, the appropriate agencies would be in touch with more information on how to go from here.

You can find the survey here. Please take a moment and fill it out! CLICK HERE or go to the site below.

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