Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Lord.....We Don't Even Have A Clue

These pictures have just captured and stirred my soul, not only as a photographer, but as a person who just can't even imagine what the people of Haiti must be dealing with every day they open their eyes for the new day to begin.
These pictures are courtesy of Fox News. These are just a few of them. If you would like to see the whole slide show then click here.
All I can say is that as we sit here in America, stirred in our hearts to do something to help the people of Haiti, we just really can't even comprehend how bad it is over there.
I have never seen pictures like this except for the Holocaust. Never have I seen a country so surrounded by death everywhere you turn.

They resulted to putting the bodies in mass graves.

I cannot imagine what the children must be thinking. I pray God can erase what waits as a trap for their little minds.
I mean, can you even imagine seeing dead bodies riding down the road in the back of vehicles? It is just unthinkable, yet this is their reality. They have run out of vehicles to even transport bodies.
Everywhere, someone's father, mother, brother or sister, daughter, son, aunt, uncle who did not make it out alive.

Unimaginable grief rests on this young girl who found the feet of her 14 year old brother under the rubble.
I realize these pictures are graphic but pictures speak a thousand words. All I can say is
"My God, people, WE NEED TO PRAY FOR THEM." There are stories of hope and rescue and those that made it out alive, praise God. But for those left with their worlds shattered, they need to find hope again. Pray God's grace rains down on them and they find peace once again.


  1. I have no words to say, but the tears are flowing.

  2. I just... don't even know what to say. :-(

  3. oh i know it girl! My heart hurts for them!! On my knees with you!

  4. my heart is wild.. I can't even imagine! thanks for posting these pictures even if they are graphic.. the DO speak a thousand words.

  5. Literally speechless...so glad God is bigger than even this....sigh

  6. The pictures are graphic, but they need to be seen. If those don't step up our prayers I don't know what will. Holy Spirit, intercede for us because we are unable to put into words what desperately needs to be spoken.