Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Children in Sierra Leone Need Our Help

The Covering in Sierra Leone, which is the children's home that I traveled to Sierra Leone to be a part of getting off the ground, has taken in several new children. All of these children have heart breaking stories and are in need of sponsorship. They are just absolutely precious. These two siblings were rescued by their uncle. Their birth father abandoned them, leaving them with their mother who was was later given in marriage by the father's family to a man who abused her terribly until an uncle came in and rescued her and the children but was not able to then provide for them. TRS and The Covering are now caring for the children and making sure they have schooling and a place to call home. To read more about these children and to inquire about sponsorship CLICK HERE.

Joseph, pictured above, has a heartbreaking story of being born to a Sierra Leonian mother and a Nigerian father. His father was killed by the rebels during the war for being Nigerian and his mother was abducted for being married to a Nigerian, which left the child being cared for by his grandmother who survived on petty cash while trying to care for 5 other children as well that had been left to her. After his case was proved genuine he was moved to The Covering where he now has proper care and a place to call home. To read more about Joseph and to inquire about sponsorship CLICK HERE.

These two siblings, Abdul and Mabinty, have experienced more poverty in their little lives then anyone should. Their father died from food poisoning which left their mother unable to care for them. Out of desperation she would leave them in an unfinished house at night while she resulted to prostitution to provide for them. A case worker found them and confirmed their situation and arranged for them to be moved to The Covering where they are now in need of sponsorship. To read more about these children and to inquire about sponsorship CLICK HERE.

Above you will find this set of adorable twins which you will see with their father and family below. These twins are just two months old. Their mother died in child birth with them which then left the father to care for their 8 children. This resulted in him not being able to farm anymore due to trying to care for the children. TRS confirmed that this family needed assistance and arranged for transportation where the father and an aunt and two siblings brought the twins themselves. When the father walked in he said "My children have a future now." To read more of their story and find out info on sponsoring these children CLICK HERE.

Below you will see some pictures of Christmas for the children at The Covering. They were so blessed this Christmas with a wonderful meal and a TV that was brought in for them to watch a movie and have popcorn. For most, this was the first movie they had ever seen and couldn't quit talking about it afterwards. To read all about their Christmas Click Here and thank you to those who donated to help provide the meal for the children.

Take a minute to watch this video where you can meet some of these children at The Covering.
Also take a minute to pray about how you can make a difference in the life of one or more of these children. We can all do our part and to help care for those who can't care for themselves. Thank you for your support and prayers for all of the children who reside at The Covering. It was such a privilege to be a part of getting this children's home off the ground during my travels to Sierra Leone. Let me tell you .......these conditions are severe and REAL. They need our help. I encourage you to not only support a child financially but plan to join the TRS team on one of their many trips in the future to Sierra Leone, where you can meet your sponsored child in person.


YEAR END Accomplishments! from The Raining Season on Vimeo.

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  1. love you Kelly. Praying for the kids in S.L. My family needs some new missions this year and would love to help you in anyway possible.