Monday, January 24, 2011

Kids Tshirt ART CONTEST...

Calling all kids up to age 12!

We want YOU to design our next Kid's Tshirt! Put your creative hats on and show us how you want to
by being an 
Let your heart shine through in your drawing.
When you think of helping someone,
what comes to mind?
Draw it.

Here are the rules.....
1. Draw your design on a standard, white sheet of paper.
   2. Use three colors or less.
   3. Please include our logo, or our name, or our slogan, somewhere in your drawing.(slogan is Change the world for one...or I'm gonna change the world)
   4. Make your drawing appropriate for a boy or a girl.
   5. Parents, make sure child's first name, age, and what city and state they are in, is on the back of their drawing with your contact info.
   6. Scan the drawing and email it to with your contact info, or mail it to us at P.O. Box 1945 Brentwood, TN 37024 (I would love a pic of your child holding the drawing too if you want to email that to me.)
   7. You have two weeks to get it to us! 
Deadline is February  7. I will post the pictures as they come in over the next two weeks, and assign each picture a #. (Feel free to leave the artists comments of encouragement as they come in.)
  8. February 14th is V-DAY...Valentines Day and VOTE DAY! I will repost all of the pictures with their assigned numbers in one post at 12:01 on the 14th. You will then vote by leaving a comment, on that day only, with the artist's first name and # in the comment box. One vote per household, please. We will make the big announcement on February 16th of who the LUCKY WINNER IS with the most votes!!

The winning child will have his/her artwork proudly featured on our new kid's spring t shirt! The winner will receive a free t shirt for the whole family to show off his/her art proudly :)

If your child participates, feel free to repost this along with your child's art, when I get it up, and encourage your friends to vote on Feb. 14th

Let's show our LOVE on VDAY by encouraging these kids to pour their heart into helping someone else.....We have little world changers on our hands!! 

Get us that artwork, kiddos!! Good Luck!!


  1. wonderful! This is great... what is your slogan?
    Change the world for one or
    I'm gonna change the world

  2. Our slogan is kind of both, ha!
    Change the world for one
    I'm gonna change the world (more geared towards kids)

  3. Got it! kids are super excited age 6 and 7.

  4. This is great work...kip it up !!!:)