Tuesday, February 15, 2011

AND THE WINNER IS...........

And the winner is.......


 Makayla ~ age 12 ~ Georgetown, Ky

Makayla (#32)is our winner of the Kid's T shirt Design contest! Congratulations!! She did such a beautiful job on her artwork. It will make a beautiful kid's t shirt :) I can't wait. She won by majority but Taylor(#23) was a close second and then Ava(#33) came in third. 

ALL of the children did such a wonderful job on their artwork!! I am so proud of all of you children for entering this contest and allowing us to see your heart through your artwork. You all had some terrific ideas and showed us the true meaning of helping others. I am very proud of all of you who entered :-) 

Makayla will see her artwork printed on our kid's tees, coming out in March. She will receive a free kid's shirt for her and her brother and have the joy of seeing her artwork floating around the US and beyond by all kind's of little world changers out there :) 

So, a big Congrats to MaKayla again!! And Thank you, Thank you, to all of you Ordinary Heroes, who entered this contest. You are all awesome artists and awesome kids!! 

Makayla's artwork......


  1. Cute stuff! My daughter Presley sent you her own artwork and shirt ideas but since she is 15 I know you could not put her in the contest but thanks so much for responding to her email:) It made her day to hear back from you and to hear that you liked her artwork:) Blessings always.

  2. Congratulations, you really did a great design!!!! It is very clever idea!

    From Isaac, Caleb and Eliana who also entered the competition. We look forward to buying one of your T-shirts!!

  3. Congratulations Makayla!

    Good for you! Hope you enjoy your t-shirt.
    #40 Kelsey
    I really like the design!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!
    I hope you enjoy your new t-shirt.
    #39 Alle

    Way to go! Keep changing the world!
    Alle and Kelsey's Mom :-)

  4. I have little family member that was adopted in Gtown! Think she might need one of those shirts! You just might bump into one another!!

  5. Congratulations on winning!
    Hannah #47