Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Our Final Kid's T shirt Design Entries

Wow!! You Kids are Awesome!!
We had 50 little world changers enter our T shirt design contest! 
These kids have had some great ideas!!
These are the final entries that came in yesterday. You can scroll through the blog to see all of the entries we have gotten so far over the past 2 weeks. These kids did some amazing work!! 
All the entries will be listed again for voting on Feb 14th, VDay
The artwork with the most votes will have their design printed on our new kid's spring t shirts :) 
How cute will that be? 

 Thank you, Elexia, Ethan, Bryce, Olivia, Makayla, Ava, Camden, Lilly, Isaac, two names I'm still waiting on, Alle, Kelsey, Hayes, Eowyn, Katie, Trace, Jayce, Faith, Hannah, Haiden, Sarah, and Connor!! 
You all did amazing work!!

 #28.  Elexia ~ age 7

# 29. Ethan ~ age 6

#30. Bryce ~ age 6 ~ Morton, IL

#31. Olivia ~ age 8 ~ Morton, IL


#32. Makayla ~ age 12 ~ Georgetown, Ky

 #33. Ava ~ age 8 ~ Pekin, IL

#34. Camden ~ age 5 ~ Pekin, IL

#35. Lilly ~ age 10 ~ Fort Collins, CO
Mom says....Lily went on a missions trip to India with me this past Septemeber (she was 9 years old at the time), so she's already a little world changer! :)

 #36. Isaac ~ age 12 ~ NJ

 #37. Eliana ~ age 7 ~ NJ

#38. Caleb ~ age 9 ~ NJ
 #39.  Alle ~ age 10 ~ Concord, CA

#40. Kelsey ~ age 8 ~ Concord, CA
Mom says...We are in the process of adopting so this project was very special to them.

#41. Hayes ~ age 8 ~ Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Mom says...Hayes was SO excited about being a part of the contest.  He is so proud of the artistic gifts God gave him and talks about how he will use those gifts to glorify God.  Imagine his surprise when I explained what the t-shirt contest is about!!!  "MOM!  I get to glorify God by drawing!!!"    LOVE IT!

#42. Eowyn ~ age 6 ~ Plymoth, IN

#43. Katie ~ age 12 ~ Ohio
Katie says... I have a 1 year old brother adopted from Taiwan. He has been home 11 months.

#44. Trace ~ age 10 ~ Lexington, Ky

#45. Jayce ~ age 5 ~ Battle Creek, MI

#46. Faith ~ Age 8 ~ Pella, IA

#47. Hannah ~ age 11~ Lawton, OK

 #48. Haiden ~ age 7 ~ Hopkinsville, Ky

 #49. Sarah ~ age 7 ~ Hopkinsville, Ky

#50. Connor ~ age 7 ~ Hopkinsville, Ky


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  2. Good point. I am a total music girl, so I have to have it but I moved it up so it is easier to find and turn off. Hope that helps :) Thanks for following!! :)

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