Saturday, February 5, 2011

Some Fantastic Artwork From Some Little World Changers!!

Way to go kids!!
The artwork keeps coming in for our Kid's T shirt Contest!!
Monday is the last day to enter. One of these kiddos will have their art design on our next kid's shirt!! Voting takes place on Valentines Day. 

 #22. Hannah ~ age 5, Florida

 #23. Taylor ~ age 8, TN

#24. Chandler ~ age 12, Colleyville, TX

Mom says....Our whole family went on a 2 week mission trip over Christmas to Rwanda and absolutely fell in love with the people and continent of Africa! We can't wait to start planning our next trip! I am excited to see my kids get a passion for missions at such an early age and Chandler was excited to be able to be a part of something like this- so thank you!!

# 25. Luka ~ age 10 ~ Jamison, PA

Mom says...Luka and Mika are also fundraising for our adoption weaving pot holders.   They really enjoyed making the T-shirt designs for this contest. Our family has grown by adoption over the last 15 years.  We have been foster parents and have been blessed by the many children that came into our home.  We gave birth to our oldest son, Nico, now 14 years old.  We adopted our sons Luka and Mika and our daughter Isabella, through foster care. 
We now are excited about our next journey to Ethiopia.  We are praying for a little girl who is HIV+.

#26. Mika ~ age 8 ~ Jamison, PA

 #27. Avery ~ age 11 ~ Franklin, TN

Thank you Hannah, Taylor, Chandler, Luka, Mika and Avery!! You all are wonderful artists!! 

On a side note......
New Africa shirts are in!! I will try to get them on later this afternoon or evening...we shall see how crazy my day is :)  
As my T shirt guy says...."They are Killer!" :-)


  1. I think I have found my favorite to vote for!

    Fun to see kid's ideas on paper!