Monday, February 14, 2011

Kid's T Shirt Voting

Well....the votes are rolling in :) !!
You can all continue to vote on your favorite Kid's tee, in the post below, until midnight tonight. After midnight I will not count any more votes.

On a side note......I had the Anonymous option disabled when I started but then had several people email me who could not figure out how to post a comment without a google acct. I added the Anonymous option back in order for all family members and friends to be able to vote, but I do hope that if you leave a comment under anonymous that you tell who you are. Many people have been great to do that.

Thanks for all of your support for these kiddos!  They deserve it!! This has been an exciting day, watching all the votes roll in :)

Remember, are world changers just for entering this contest and allowing us to see a glimpse of your great big heart. 

Happy voting!!


  1. Way to go John! #5

  2. I think each and every design is WONDERFUL!! Everyone did such a great job! But I will have to vote for my sweet Sarah #49