Wednesday, February 2, 2011

NEW *Very Cool* PRODUCT IS IN !!!!

So here is the deal....We are launching a new adoption and mission trip fund raiser program in the next couple of weeks. We are offering all of this new product plus some more new items I have not put out yet. If you sign up as an adoptive family or mission trip participant to benefit from this fund raiser then you will receive 40% of each item purchased to go toward your adoption costs or mission trip expense. We are currently still setting up our cart system and getting everything in place.
SO IN THE MEANTIME......I am offering these items for sale to those of you who wouldn't necessarily be benefitting someone's adoption or mission trip and you would just like to purchase an item. I will say that the price of these items are cheaper now while they are on the blog. They will go up $3-5 once we get the program officially launched. At that time we will have to cover fulfillment charges.

We are going ahead and taking sign ups to go ahead and start verifying your agency info or church or nonprofit associated with your mission trip, so that once it launches you won't have to wait to start selling. You will still have to fill out an online form but at least the verification will be done if you have given us your info ahead of time. If we have your info from our November fund raiser then just send us an email stating that we have your info already. If we don't have your info, then please send us:
Adoption Agency/and/or/ Nonprofit or Church organizing mission trip info: including contact name, # and email
Anything you would like to tell us about your adoption
Signing up is free.
We will pay out your sales profit to your adoption agency, church, or nonprofit associated with your mission trip to be credited to your account.


We have more product coming out in the next week...a cool Valentine-ish women's shirt in two colors, and a very cool women's long sleeve hoodie shirt, plus our special new Men and Women's OH shirts that you receive at sign up.

If interested in signing up please send your info to

Now let me show off some of our new stuff!!
All these products available in our right side bar.....

 LOVE these new hoodies! Totally cool!!
 My boys were thrilled that I stopped them on their way to school to pose for mom :) To give you an idea of sizes, my two teen boys (age 13 and 14) are wearing adult Smalls and my hubby is wearing an XL.
 Love these new Java colored raw edge tote bags. They are the size of a normal purse, not an oversized bag.

 Now you can show off your Little World Changer baby cutie!!!

 Our Little World Changer Onesie comes in pink or gray.

 My little cutie is showing off these new youth shirts. He is 6 and is wearing a size small to give you an idea.
 Our new youth I'm Gonna...shirts come in this Bay, light blue color.

 This is a totally cool new shirt. It is a light green color and fits like our Africa Shirts with the same soft feel. I (Kelly) wear a size small in this shirt just to give you an idea.
 Front Speak Up design with Africa outlined
More product coming soon!! All proceeds now help us fund our adoption matching grant fund.


  1. I love these! Especially the hoodies, purse and green Africa shirt. I hope to participate if/when we start the adoption process. (My hubby and I have been talking, thinking and praying a lot about it lately.) Kudos to you for getting good quality, fitted, soft shirts. It makes these so much more appealing to buy.

  2. LOVE the new stuff woman!

  3. I LOVE ALL THE NEW SHIRTS!!! I can't wait to purchase some for my family! Thank you!

    -Alyson @