Thursday, May 12, 2011

Urgent Need For Host Home in Middle TN or Surrounding Area for 2 Ukraine Teen girls!!!!

It has been brought to my attention once again of two 15 yr old teen girls from Ukraine desperately needing to find a host home for 4 weeks during the summer, probably starting around the end of June and into July. Their program coordinator will be in the Middle TN area and would like to keep the girls in this or the surrounding area in order to connect with them during their visit. I put the word out a while back about another child needing a home. She found a host home!! Now this situation has arisen. The deadline has passed but they are extending it for these two friends. One of the girls was accepted by a host family and she was told that she was coming to America and was just so excited. Since then, for unforeseen circumstances, that family had to withdraw their application. This young girl no longer has a host family. Her friend was also REALLY hoping to be accepted by a host family and has not been yet, so they thought it best to try to host them together. I'm really hoping that this is part of God's plan for them. Even though the first young girl no longer has a host family, I'm hoping that now it will be even better because she can find another host family quickly and also be able to have her friend along with her. That would be so AWESOME for these two girls. Having someone by your side who speaks your own language and knows where you are coming from is HUGE. This would be an amazing, life changing experience for these two young friends from Ukraine. It is ONLY for 4 weeks during the summer but would make a lifetime of difference and impact in their lives as orphans to bring them hope and encourage them in what God has called them to do in their future. Being an orphan in the Ukraine is very hard. These girls need to be shown love, hope and a world outside of their own. Won't you please consider hosting these girls this summer if you feel God tugging at your heart about it?

To find out more about the process, visit US Russia Global Exchange.  Here you will find out the requirements and all the info of the exchange program. You may also email Jan Richey at He can tell you all about the program and answer any questions you may have. 

Also, there is a $1000 scholarship for each girl to be able to come to the US. That should make it even better for everyone involved :) 

I can't wait to see what family God has called to step up and take these two young orphans into their home for  4 life changing weeks in the summer. Please let me know as well if you decide to take in these girls, by emailing me at  I would love to keep up with your journey in order to encourage others to do this in their future. 

Blessings to all you Ordinary Heroes out there!!


  1. We hosted a 17-year old boy from Ukraine several years ago during his senior year of high-school. it was a fabulous experience. We still consider him to be part of our family and communicate with him almost weekly.
    If anyone is teetering on their decision, I highly recommend it.

  2. Did they find a host home?