Thursday, May 26, 2011

Second Chance Adoptions

If you receive our Speak Up emails then you recently saw that we are advocating for three children who have been adopted before from other countries and for one reason or another, their adoptions were disrupted, leaving them available for adoption again within the States. Yes, that does happen. I know some people have never heard of that. It is always a very sad situation and it happens for many different reasons which all result as a last resort. In some cases the the child is removed from the home by the State and then there is a need to place the child into a new family. We are here to help advocate for these children and hopefully find them a new family as quickly as possible in order for them to find stability in their new forever family. Most all of the children would adapt the best in a home that has older children where this child would be the youngest. This is a good situation for empty nesters who have the experience of raising children already but don't have other children to tend to. This allows the new adopted child to experience the one on one attention that he/she needs to thrive.

These children are offered through the Wasatch International Second Chance Program. Right now there are three children in this program we are helping advocate for.
Lori, age 10 was adopted from Ukraine and currently lives in the States waiting to find another adoptive family.
Mark, age 11 was adopted from Guatemala and is currently seeking new placement.
Victor, age 9 was adopted from Russia in 2008 and is currently needing new placement.

All of these children appear precious. I have full bios of all of them. You may also email Cyndi Peck at for more information.

These kids have been through a lot. God still has a plan for them. There is the perfect family out there for each of these precious children in order to help them heal and thrive beautifully in their lives. There are grants available for all of these children. These would not be expensive adoptions considering how much some adoptions cost. If you would like to know more about them, please email me at These are beautiful children in need of a home. I can't wait to help them find one.

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