Thursday, May 5, 2011

Help is on the Way to Ethiopia!!! Thank you!!

Wow! I have received such an outpouring of love from so many of you who have donated and are wanting to give donation items to help Ashli and the orphanage, from my post yesterday. We can't thank you enough!! I am just thrilled! This place is going to get turned around with all of your help. Ashli is so humbled and blessed by your generosity and in awe of her great God!!

Ashli sent some pics today. Of course we can't show any faces but you can see the great need and malnourishment of this sweet little baby. Just know that your donations are going a long way and will bring MANY babies back to health.

It was also very cool. I have a friend that is flying out to Ethiopia on a Visiting Orphans trip tomorrow and told me she could take over two bags of supplies for us to give Ashli and they were taking some stuff as well.  So I put the word out on my facebook that I needed some donations if anybody had any. I had to travel to Ky today to speak to the cutest preschool who gave money to OH (I will post on that later), and when I got back to my house, there were enough items left on my porch and in my garage to fill EXACTLY two FULL bags, which was my limit for this trip. It was as if God hand picked all the items and knew exactly when it would be full. It was awesome!! These bags are full of the exact items that she needs. She will be thrilled to get them. 

Some of you have asked about specific needs so I had her list out all the things the orphanage needs. This is the list she sent if you feel led toward giving toward any specific need. Unfortunately we can't ship things to her because of the risk of it not getting there or getting gone through once it does get there. So if you want to donate any of these items and gather them yourself you can mail them to me and we will send them over with a team or individual traveling who will get them to her. Keep in mind this is what she needs to give the whole place an overhaul :)

Things the orphanage needs:
Baby scale
wall clocks
stove (the one they have barely works)
pots pans
shelves for closets
a desk and some chairs for office
Kid table and chairs
baby baths
changing tables 4
radio 3
teething rings
Water machines 3 (around $300 each) so that they have clean water
new mattresses 
adult size beds
baby soap and shampoo
wash cloths and towels (TONS)
lotion (regular and baby)
blankets/comforters (adult, toddler, and baby)
sheets (twin adult, toddler beds, and crib sheets)
bottles (premie)
shoes (all sizes)
clothes (all sizes)
bumbo seats
bouncy seats
sleep mats (like pre-k uses to take naps)
socks (all sizes)
underware and panties (all sizes)
hand sanitizer
diaper rash cream
baby hair brushes
baby oil
fungal cream
fungal shampoo
baby meds
Pajamas for all ages!!!!!!
coloring books
crayons, markers, etc
baby lullubay Cd's
comfy chairs for nannies
light bulbs

Also, if you have not seen our newest OH video and want to catch a glimpse of Ashli in action, you can watch it here. (Silence music on sidebar or CLICK HERE to go straight to link.)

Real Life Among Us~ Ordinary Hero from Kelly Putty on Vimeo.

Lastly, I want to throw out some prayer requests. Please keep my sister, Kristi in your prayers. She is in Ethiopia right now with her new son Paulos, waiting to get cleared at Embassy so they can travel home. Please pray that takes place quickly. 

Also please pray for my sister, Kasey who continues to wait for her son's paperwork to clear so they can bring him home. He has been stuck because of paperwork and we need that to all clear quickly and them get the stamp of approval to bring him home. She also received sad news that her son's birthmom passed away yesterday. What a blessing they got to meet her and get some last video with her and their son together at their first court date. She loved him greatly but was dying of Aids. Kasey said she was very sick at the meeting but no one expected her to pass away this soon. She would come visit Lincoln and love on him while he was in the orphanage, knowing that she would die soon. Now he is truly orphaned and we need to get him home, so thank you for your prayers on that.  

Also, if you are an OH fundraising affiliate then you know Gina. She is our fabulous fundraising coach who keeps everyone on their toes with fresh ideas and encouragement. I ask that you pray for her sister today. She has Lupus and was admitted to ICU because of a bad spell with it recently. Please pray for her quick healing.  

Thanks for your continued support of OH and all who we support and love because of you :)


  1. Where can a water machine be purchased? The one mentioned is about $300?

    The Reiners in Orlando wanna help too! :)


  2. I adopted from Ethiopia and also have a biological baby. They are current 17 months old and 10 months old. They are both growing so much, and have grown out of so many things, and I have them all sitting around, just wondering what to do with them. Many of the things I have are listed on the list above.

    I'm in Minnesota, and am wondering if I should mail them directly to you? Some of the items are a little larger. I have two brand new bumbos, and SO many other things. I will gladly mail them anywhere. I've never been so heartbroken by a picture like the one above in my whole life, and I want to do something (anything!) to help. Is your address listed somewhere on this site? If not, could you email it to me? My email address is leahspafford(at)

  3. I'd also like to know where the water machine comes from, and where to mail donations.

  4. I am going to Ethiopia next week (Wed). Planning to visit as many orphanages as possible and help out. Where is the location of this orphanage or a local contact info if you have it? I am planning to buy some of the items in the needs list to take or buy there to give. Please let me know ASAP at, My name is Lensa Feyissa-Rozelle.

    Thank you and God Bless!

  5. What address would we send the supplies to? I have tons of clothes/shoes I could mail that are gently used. Also could you use any toothpaste/toothbrushes? With my couponing I get some of this stuff free!! You can email me the address if you want.