Tuesday, May 3, 2011

And the Winners Are.........

I am so impressed with our Fundraising Affiliates and ALL of you who bought on their behalf. These funds go toward bringing precious children home or toward the cost of mission trips to go serve these precious children. Either way you are changing the lives of these children through your purchase from our OH Store.
We offered a grant contest to the top three highest sellers from last Tues through yesterday. We are granting  $1000 between them...Yay!

Our highest seller and #1 winner of the $500 grant goes to.......

Rachel Hauter!!! Wow! Rachel went nuts with the selling....or should I say she has some awesome friends and family that purchased on her behalf. I think she now will have a whole herd of sheep to give away in Ethiopia on her mission trip :) She sold $2372.55 worth of product in those 6 days!! Wow!! She receives 40% of that total plus this $500 grant. Congrats, Rachel!!

Our 2nd highest seller, and winner of the $300 grant is.......

 Debbi Coder!!!! Go Debbi!!! She sold $1035.20 of merch during the grant timeframe. She will receive 40% of that PLUS this $300 grant......Way to go!!! She went from hardly any items sold to 18 items sold in these six days to win this grant. Congrats!!

Our 3rd highest seller and winner of the $200 grant is.......

Crystal Archie!!!! Congrats Crystal! Crystal was also a new affiliate who rose to the top to win this grant. She sold $767.05 worth of merch!! She receives 40% of that as well as this grant. Awesome!!

I wish I could give every affiliate something but the great thing is that everyone who sold receives 40% of that purchase to be credited to them. Many thanks to all of you who sold and to all of you who bought on these affiliates behalf. Just through this grant contest you have helped get Rachel to Ethiopia on her mission trip in July where she will serve countless orphans in need. You have also helped Debbi and Crystal become one step closer to bringing their precious children home from Ethiopia through adoption.   We are very excited to help through our store and through these grants in order to show God's love to children in need as he uses many of you to be His hands and feet.

Blessings to all of you Ordinary Heroes out there.

My next post will be on the magical question........"Why does it cost so much to adopt?" Stay tuned..... ;)

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