Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Who you are helping in Ethiopia.....

 A picture says a thousand words.......
Trust me when I say that your help with Restoration Orphanage is greatly appreciated. Ashli has taken this project on, and she and God, with your help, are making a HUGE difference. She also just had a team come in to help her. Here you have it in her own words....

"Its going great!! This VO team helped organize and paint and it already looks like a different place!!! Its amazing! The kids are so happy! The baby room actually smells good and all the babies have gained 1-3 oz already! God really knows what He is doing and how He is doing it! Everything is such perfect timing, it is all undeniably Him!"

One young girl, doing an amazing work in Ethiopia and literally saving lives!!! If you would like to donate toward helping the children in this orphanage, you may do so HERE. Just remember to put "Orphanage aide" in the memo box. Remember your donation is tax deductible.


  1. Love hearing this! And I love Ashli's heart.. so grateful she is there right now!

  2. Love reading the updates. Thanks for giving us opportunity to pray and get involved!