Saturday, February 18, 2012

New Indigo Blue Africa shirts....and Mailroom Model?

Ok, so you gotta love a great sport when something is thrown on them all of a sudden! Especially when we are all running in a million different directions and have a million great ideas and trying to bring them all to fruition.

What am I talking about??

Well......We just got in these GREAT LOOKING new Tees!! It is basically our best selling Eco-Black Africa Blue Indigo! I LOVE these tees! They feel soft!! They are a unisex fit.

So we got them in and they were already at the mailroom.

That's all great......except...

I needed a picture of one for the store QUICK so I could get them in this grant contest.

So do I dare ask Nathan, my mailroom guy, to actually put on a shirt, become a model for us, and take a picture of himself and send it to me??  


The awesome thing about is....He did it for us!! What a guy! 

So for those of you who order from us regularly, now you can catch a glimpse of Nathan who packages all your items for you.

I said, "Nathan, can you get one of yourself smiling?"
He sent me this.

"What about a serious face?"

"Can you send me a pic of you in the mailroom?"
He sent me this and threw in Zack, a new guy that is helping him :-) Hi Zack!

So there you have it! 
Introducing our brand new Eco-Indigo Africa Tees, brought to you by
Nathan, the Mailroom Model,
and his friend Zack. 

I want to give a huge shout out to Nathan, Russ, and all the Get It Guru mailroom crew for taking the load off of us at OH by handling all our packaging for us, especially during our crazy grant giveaways. 
They are so great to work with....
and they model our product too...who knew? :-) 
Thanks guys!

Now CLICK HERE to head over to the OH store. New grant giveaway just started yesterday and runs through next Saturday. It's never too late to become an OH affiliate and raise some extra funds for your adoption or mission trip. 

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