Friday, February 24, 2012

Ordinary Heroes & Blessing Bags!!

Ordinary Heroes come in all sizes! 
I love when the kiddos take their great big hearts and want to bless others! 
I have a few Ordinary Hero BLESSING BAG STORIES FOR YOU....

We have lots of little DAISY SCOUTS FROM OREGON who took part in making Blessing Bags!

Ginny from Oregon emailed me and showed me that her daughter, Madeleine's Girl Scout troop had a fun day of making BLESSING BAGS for one of their projects. 

First she had the girls watch one of our OH Ethiopia videos to show them who their bags are gonna be blessing :-) 

Then they got to work! 

They had all planned ahead and brought items for the bags. 

And they put decorated notes in each one :-)

Thank you Ginny and Madeleine for being examples of Ordinary Heroes in Oregon and bringing your Daisy scout troop in on the fun of BLESSING others. You can read Ginny's blogpost about it here.

I also saw where Christine's daughter chose to make Blessing Bags for her 11th birthday instead of receiving gifts. Wow! This is what her blog post said.
"My daughter chose to make "Blessing Bags" for Ethiopia this year for her 11th birthday. Instead of receiving gifts from us or her friends, she requested items for the Blessing Bags. She was so excited to be able to use what could have been her blessings to bless others. Sorry, lots of use of the word "blessings" but you know what I mean!"
What a little Hero that little girl is!! Thank you guys for helping with such a worthy cause on such a special day!!

Also, we have Danae. I wrote a blog post a while back about Danae hosting a Blessing Bag party for her 30th birthday. It was awesome! 

Well, now she recently contacted me and said that she and her hubby have found their adorable little 
2 1/2 yr old son they are going to adopt from our Waiting Children list. WooHoo!! 
They are so excited!
They are currently the featured family this week on the Give1Save1 site.  
Go check them out and see if you can help them with some fundraising. 
They made this adorable video as they wait to bring their son home. 

It takes a village to raise a child, especially a child in need. 
A helping hand goes such a long way!!

God Bless!   
 ~ Kelly

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