Thursday, February 16, 2012

OH GRANT Contest Starts Tomorrow--Friday, Feb 17th!!!

It's that TIME again!

OH GRANT TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who wants this?

Cause 3 of you are gonna WIN some BONUS cash!!!

Why shouldn't it be YOU?

Please pass along this opportunity along to anyone you know who is fundraising for their Adoption or their Mission Trip!!

How does the OH affiliate program work and how do you get the $500 grant? You earn 40% of  EVERYTHING you sell in the OH STORE  and the top 3 sellers win a BONUS $500 bucks! Woo hoo! Everyone earns money!

Click HERE to sign up to be an OH Affilaite! It's FREE!

This contest will start at 12:01 am this Friday and will last until next SATURDAY night, Feb 25th at midnight (Central time!)

Happy OH Selling and find OH Fundraising on FB for helpful selling hints! Good luck!

Gina, our Fundraising Coach will be sending out an email to all of our affiliates with tips... If you don't get her email then contact her at to let her know! Her email will go out tonight! So be on the lookout! :)

OH is also SUPER Excited about our Feburary Product Partners (PP's) this month! They have shared their AMAZING goodies with us and want to HELP YOU bring your child home and/or fundraise for your mission trip! We will be featuring them in a blog post soon, so stay tuned! They love the orphan and want to help! We heart their GIVING hearts! We were so excited last month when 2 of our 3 Grant winners were past Product Partners! So FUN to watch God bless those who bless others!
**If you would like more information on how to become an OH Product Partner contact Gina at    We are currently accepting PP's for April!

Alright...Grant contest starts tomorrow! Are you gonna be "in it to WIN it?" Why NOT?

It's FREE and Easy Cheesie.... we will help you showcase our products via social media/email/etc and BAM!.. You start earning money! What are you waiting for? Sign up today! to become an OH affilaite! Its a super quick contest (9 days short!) and you can yield some quick cash! Our average winners earn well over $1,000 each! that could make a dent in your mission trip deposit or pay for most of your homestudy! (And we have FUN while we fundraise!)

Know someone fundraising for missions or adoptions? Tell them about this contest and help them bless their fundraising efforts! Share this on your FB page if you can! Thank you for being an Ordinary Hero!

Good Luck everyone!!!!!! It's gonna be FUN!!

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