Sunday, February 26, 2012

OH February Grant Winners!

Who knew your pot of gold could come from Donkey and Sheep and bless so many at the same time??

We thought this would be a smaller grant contest, without as many of you participating...
Let me just say that there were some of you who sold like champs!! You really went above and beyond. You guys have some AMAZING friends and family out there who love and support you and are blessing you and so many others at the same time all through your cause!

Your Ordinary Heroes bought  Donkeys and Sheep and are gonna BLESS the socks off some awesome families on our next trips! Y'all sold 31 and 1/2 SHEEP in 9 days! and you sold 13 and 1/2 Donkeys! AMAZING... and lets not forget all the shoes, bibles, raincoats, blankets and all the COOL OH Gear and Our rocking stuff from our OH Product Partners!!

Oh my goodness!! Thank you all for your MIGHTY efforts in BLESSING so many who have so little!

OK who won?! We are giving 3 $500 grants!! Woo Hoo!!

It was a BLOWOUT for our Top winner....Gerald and  Jill Hiestand from Rolling Hills, IL. They are adopting from Ethiopia and are currently waiting on a referral. They used email, blogger and facebook and were VERY creative with their posts and request during this contest. They started a Top 10 Donkey club and later added a Top 10 Sheep club!  Their blog is where I got the picture of the crazy Donkey I was posting on the OH Fundraising page earlier this week!  Love this! Made me laugh out loud for sure!

Y'all have some AMAZING friends cause they sold $5967 worth of merchandise! They earned $2386 in commissions and of course add on that $500 Grant which brings their 9 day fundriaing earning total to $2886!!!!Congratulations to YOU for winning your FIRST OH Grant! They heard about Ordinary Hero from Lucy Lane's blog! This is the most sales EVER that any of our affialites have ever brought in over 9 days! We can't wait to hand out all those sheep and donkeys!
Check out their blog.....

Our SECOND $500 Grant Winner is Paige Alleca from the Buffalo NY area!!!!
She and her husband brought home their 2 Ethiopian Blessings a little over a year ago. It has been her dream ever since to be able to go back. She decided to step out in faith and join a Visiting Orphans trip to Ethiopia in July 2012. 
Paige sent us this a few days ago "Long story short just a few weeks before the grant contest I had decided I was going to have to cancel my trip. We had a huge change in our financial situation which left me with not $1 to spare towards my trip. I was sharing my story with Kara Vassar, last months OH Grant winner, and she encouraged me to give OH grant contest a try!!! "Boy am I glad I did!! The reponse has been HUGE!!!" We shared this Grant contest on FB via 100 posts a day!!! Kara was the main reason I did so well!!! She encouraged me every day and posted like crazy!!! I will totally recommend OH and the grant contest to all of my friends!!! I love the whole concept of how OH works!! Not only are you helping those who need to raise money but you are helping those in Ethiopia!!! Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity!! Whether I win or not it has been a HUGE blessing!!"
Paige -- YOU WON! So Paige sold $1719 in product merchandise and she earned $687 in her OH Commissions! Tack on an extra $500 to that and BAM her fundraising total in 9 days is $1187! Congratualtions Paige!
Our third place winner is no stranger to the OH Grant Contest! She is a multiple Grant winner-- she has placed in several contests in the past when she and her family were fundraising to bring their son home from Ethiopia! Her son arrived home just last month! She and her daughter are now fundraising to go back to Ethiopia to SERVE on an OH Missons trip this summer!
Congratualtions CRYSTAL ARCHIE from Nolensville, TN! You sold over $1516  in product and earned $605 in OH commissions. Tack on another $500 for winning the Grant and BAM--- Girlfriend you raised a total of $1105 in 9 days! Amazing!

We have a couple of HONORABLE MENTIONS! 

KIM ADAMS, with only 5 sales, sold over $1000 and came painfully close to third place. These grant contests get hard to watch sometimes as they run so close. Kim has won a previous grant contest and almost did it again!! Kim, great job getting the word out! We will be emailing you with a $50 gift certificate. 

JESSICA HEESCH, you continue to pull out the sales!! Jessica has won a grant contest in the past and been honorable mention twice!! She came real close to selling $1000 this month. This goes to show that just because you win a grant it doesn't mean you have to stop trying the next month. Great Job, Jessica!! We will be emailing you a $50 gift certificate. 

Congrats to ALL WHO SOLD!! You are ALL WINNERS because you all received 40% in commission off of ALL your sales. BIG THANK YOUS to all who purchased on behalf of our OH Affiliates!! Our affiliates could not reach their goal without your help. It is soooo greatly appreciated to help them reach their fundraising goal!! 


Amy Swartz sent us her awesome Adoption car/wall decals that sold like hotcakes! Be sure to check out her shop HERE! THANK YOU AMY!!

Jen Hatmaker sent us her awesome new book, 7, An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess, that just hit the shelves!! This is an awesome book that you must read! They are selling like crazy! Check out her site, HERE! Thanks, Jen!!

Kara Vassar sent us some amazing Africa necklaces that are almost gone! Check them out. She is supporting Future Hope Campaign which helps bring support and awareness to Yezelalem Minch, a children and community development ministry in Ethiopia. Thank you, Karen!!

You can find all our monthly product partners listed on our right sidebar. If YOU are interested in becoming an OH Product Partner and/or would like more info, please email Also, CLICK HERE to find out more about our Affiliate Program.

As always, HUGE SHOUT OUT TO GINA, OUR AWESOME FUNDRAISING COACH!! Thanks for keeping everyone rolling during these grant contests and keeping it FUN while they FUNdraise!!

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