Thursday, June 21, 2012

Ethiopia 2012, Team 1, Day 6~ To the Countryside and Back

Team 1 - Day 6 (Written by Megyn)

We began the day by driving out to the countryside to visit a team member's daughter's bioglogical mother. 

Just in Ethiopia style, we pulled up on the sidewalk and she came out of the restaurant she was 

working in to greet us. After a quick hug, and a few pictures, she jumped in the van and we drove to her home. We were all astounded at the conditions the people in 

the countryside live in. It is especially moving for us who know her precious little girl, because it brings to light the plans God had for her through her adoptive parents.  While they visited, the rest of the team went to the van  to distribute blessing bags to the families standing at the edge of the village. 

We thought it would not be an issue because there were very few people standing around at the time we began. In a matter of minutes it turned into a huge crowd and we had to stop giving. It bothered us because we can't help but think of the people we are trying to help. Each of us have the faces and stories of the people with whom we have interacted with ingrained in our minds. 

After a lunch break we drove out of the countryside and stopped on the road to bless people with clothes, shoes, and food. As we would drive away the men, women, and children; who had been blessed, would chase the van smiling, waving, and shouting "thank you!". 

When we arrived back in Addis, we went to the "Post Office" to purchase souveneirs. It is not actually a post office at all, but a collection of open air shops, and children selling chewing gum. Some of the team members had 

the opportunity to visit a family's home near the shopping area. These team members were humbled, and aghast at the conditions. The air was described as toxic because of the lack of ventilation. The floor was dirt; therefore, 

every time it rains the "home" floods. There were three beds contructed by piles of clothing, and are shared by 9 people. One team member described the texture of the walls as wet paper. This is government housing, and the rent is approximately $20 a month. 

We returned back to the guest house, freshened a little, and headed back out to a traditional restaurant. This was a tremendous relief after the heaviness of the day. The food was fantastic, and the company was just as good. 

We joked, laughed, and received the blessing of relaxation. Every team member watched the dancing with our mouths and eyes wide open. What the dancers could do with their bodies was unnatural, but awesome! 

We continue to be humbled and inspired by how the Lord is using us in this country, and how he promises to let us be used in his eternal plan. We have two days left before we head back to the states, and we ask that you pray that we finish well.

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  1. Just got back from adopting our daughter in ethiopia and are really looking forward to trip two to bring her home. It has been a joy to revisit with you through the blog. The people are beautiful and the need great. Keeping your trip and your interactions covered in prayer! Thanks for sharing!