Sunday, June 24, 2012

June Grant Contest Winners!!!!


are being awarded again this month to our TOP 3 Sellers!!!



This  month we are giving away to our top 3 Selling Affiliates $500 toward their adoption or mission trip in which they are fundraising for. We love supporting adoptions and missions!! It is where our heart is. We, at OH, love helping you all reach your fundraising goals through our Affiliate Program!!

 We had some true go-getters who got the word out and had some amazing purchases on their behalf!! You guys have some AWESOME friends and family who love and support you in your passion to CHANGE THE WORLD FOR ONE!!

So.....our top three selling June Grant Affiliates, and winners of the $500 Grant, are......

#1 Kurt and Jolynn Coleman!!

Kurt and Jolynn and pastors in Galena, Kansas. They are in the homestudy phase of their adoption of two older boys from Ethiopia. They heard about the Ordinary Hero Grant contest from a past  OH Grant winner, Kara Vassar! Thanks Kara! She contributed her win to Facebook and her friend Kara helping her market the opportunity for her to win the Grant! Congrats Kurt and Jolynn on your $500 Grant plus your 40% commission that you earned in this contest! We are happy to bless you with a 7 day fundraising total and OH Grant addition of $1092.46 into your fundraising account.

#2 Kim Adams!!

Kim is from Grand Forks, ND. Her family is in the middle of a Uganda, Africa adoption in which they are waiting for a match. Kim is a past OH grant winner! This is her THIRD time competing for the grant. She won the first time, barely missed it by coming in 4th the second time, and has now won it again. Kim jumped in last minute on this contest and took it to the win! Your total store earnings with your grant added bring your total to $785.99!! Way to go, Kim!! Let her encourage you to sign up as an affiliate today! The next winner could be YOU!  

#3 Chantel Klassen

Chantel is from Warman, Saskatchewan, Canada.
She says she heard about OH originally through the Visiting Orphans website. (Thanks, VO!)
They are adopting from the DRC and working with One World Adoption Services out of Georgia. They are currently waiting for their referral. Your total store earnings with your grant added brings your total to $753.18!  Congrats, Chantel, for jumping in this contest and being a grant winner!! 

Wow!! Congratulations to our top 3 OH Affiliates!!


I must send out a major THANK YOU to all of our Affiliates, and all of you who supported our Affiliates through your purchases!! They could not have done this without the support of family and friends who purchased on their behalf to support their cause.

Remember, Affiliates, YOU ARE ALL WINNERS because....

You all receive 40% of every purchase credited to your name.

We are thrilled to be able to offer this to you as a way to help you reach your fundraising goal!!

We want to thank ALL of our Product Partners who generoulsy donated items toward helping these fundraising families. ! We are excited about our product partners!! We are now accepting PP's for our next Grant Offering!

This month our Product Partners were:

Peter Greer with Hope International. He donated several copies of the newly released Book Mommy's Heart Went Pop! It is a must have for adoptive families for Africa! It is a sweet, sweet story that shares how the love for this child grows in Mommy's Heart! Get your copy today!!

Our next Product Partner was Grafted Together! They have donated sooo many times with soo many cool items! Thanks again girl! Her notecards can be purchased here! Check out the other cool items in her Etsy store!

Those awesome, awesome bracelets were donated from Sherry at Funinthesmallthings on Etsy.
Her items are rockin! She was on a mission trip while we were having the Grant Contest!!

And once again, Gayly donated some of her precious necklaces! Her store is My Jie Jie and Me Custom Stamped Jewelry on Etsy! Check it out! Thanks Gayly for being a partner again this month!

You can find these product partners listed on our blog sidebar for the next few weeks. 

If you are interested in partnering YOUR product with OH to benefit our fundraising families, please email for more information.

Again, CONGRATS to our June Grant Winners!!

Check out our Affiliate Program and get signed up today :-)


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