Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Meet the Team! OH Team 1 is Ethiopia Bound!

And our OH summer of missions begins.....

Our first Ordinary Hero Ethiopia Team 2012 is taking flight! 
There are many great adventures in store for our OH missions teams throughout June and July. 
We have two teams on the ground in Ethiopia in June and two teams in July. 
We are looking forward to a full two months of serving, loving, and caring for orphans, widows, street children, village children, sponsored children and more. 
Please keep all these teams in your prayers as we expect wonderful and life changing days ahead. 

I want to introduce you to our awesome Team 1 leading the way this summer. 
They are our first team on the ground and they officially fly out tomorrow for Ethiopia. 
We had half of the team, the Nashville group (picture above), fly out to Washington today where they will meet up with the rest of the team to head over to Ethiopia tomorrow. 
I met them at the airport to see them off this morning. This is going to be one amazing team!! 

First I want to introduce you to our team leader, Jeremy Bullock, and his wife Kelly. 
Jeremy led one of the teams last year and had such a great experience that he is back again this summer for some more adventure. Kelly was on our very first team ever in 2010, herself. They have adopted from Ethiopia and have a great big heart to serve. 
They are from Tennessee.

Next we have Whitney. She is helping as a team leader on this trip as well. She traveled to ET last year and helped with one of our teams on the ground. She has a heart for the orphan and to serve.
Whitney is from North Carolina. 

My daughter, Lauren, is leaving with this team
 and will be staying to help with the first three OH teams through mid July. 
She is a Tennessee girl. 

Hannah is joining the team from Texas!

Scarlet is joining the team from Tennessee. 

 Taira from Tennessee

 Samantha from Tennessee

 Amanda from Tennessee

 Cassie from North Carolina

 Brent and his wife, Lisa, from Tennessee. Brent was on an OH team last year as well. 

 Chelsey from Tennessee. 

 Delilah, from Tennesse, is joining the OH team for the second year in a row. 

Sarah from Tennessee

 Carrie from Texas is joining the team for the second year in a row. 

 Bryce from Arizona

Megyn from Tennessee

Erica from Texas

 Sisters, Sarah and Libby, from TN are joining the team for the second year in a row.  

So there you have this awesome first Ethiopia Team that we will 
be following for the next 10 days or so.
What a great group!! 
Tennessee, Texas, Arizona, North Carolina!!
Let's watch them rock Ethiopia! 
Let's cover them in prayer and watch what God does. 
More updates to come!!

Ethiopia here they come!!

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  1. Praying for the teams! So excited. God is going to do BIG things through them and I cannot wait to hear about it!