Thursday, June 7, 2012

Haiti Hero, Chadasha Foundation!!

There are so many amazing Ordinary Heroes doing extraordinary things to help the less fortunate in this world. Most don't ask for nor expect recognition. They simply help others because that is their passion and that is what they were born to do. Many people search for their passion their whole lives. Some find it and some don't. I can guarantee you that those that do, do so, by following that tug at their heart that leads them away from their comfort zone, away from themselves.

I want to highlight and feature our HAITI HEROES that resulted from our recent trip to Haiti. Please watch these videos today and tomorrow. These folks have taken an idea, a dream that only God could give, and added their own faith and will and pressed through all the doubts when things looked impossible, to start amazing ministries. Let these Ordinary Heroes inspire you! Let's all do what we can to make a difference in this world.

First I want to feature Greg and Michelle Roberts with Chadasha Foundation. They responded to the call to help in Haiti right after the earthquake. They quickly up and moved their family to Haiti. They have since started a children's home, are in the middle of a Haiti adoption themselves, they help children receive life saving heart surgeries, and are getting ready to build an orphan retreat center. Meet Greg and Michelle from Knoxville, TN and check out their ministry at

Thank you, Greg and Michelle for being Ordinary (Haiti) Heroes!

Look for our second featured Haiti Hero tomorrow. 

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