Saturday, June 9, 2012

Haiti Hero ~ Respire ~ Sponsors Needed!

I have mentioned in some of my past blog posts about some of the great work that Megan with Respire Haiti is doing. I want to challenge all of you to consider sponsoring one of these kids in her school. These kids need to know that someone supports them and is there for them to make sure they rise above their current circumstances. 75% of the kids that Respire Haiti brings into their school are Restavek children. Those are children that are working in another families home as a child slave. This education is the first step to setting these children free. This school is a blessing. It was started by faith and runs by faith. Please watch this amazing story, featuring Megan, one of our Haiti Heroes, and hear the story behind how Megan acquired the land and started this ministry. She now is seeking sponsors for these children and Ordinary Hero is here to help. We ask you to join us as we partner with Megan to find these children school sponsors. Please visit our Sponsorship page for more info on how to visit our link to view the children needing sponsorship. Email for the password and link to view the children available for sponsorship. Let's get all these kids sponsored! We will be planning future Haiti trips to allow sponsors to visit the children as well. It's a great thing!  

Respire also has a soccer program for these kiddos. We were there and saw them trying out for the team. It was awesome to watch. Our videographer talked to Josh, who runs this soccer program for Respire. Watch this video and see if there is anything you can do to help with this soccer program. Visit their contact page and send them a message if you can help toward their soccer program. 

Thank you, Megan and Respire Haiti for serving the children in Haiti. You are an Ordinary Hero!!

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