Thursday, June 14, 2012

Ethiopia Team 1, Day 1 of travel and hit the ground running!

Ethiopia Team 1 has landed! 
That first full couple of days of travel are always a kicker! 
They left for Ethiopia yesterday at 12pm in the afternoon, flew for 12 straight hours which gets them there at 12 midnight our time which is actually 8 am in the morning in Ethiopia. They have to arrive in the "morning" and hit the ground running. Let's just say you REALLY want to try to get some shut eye on that flight over. :-) 

Everyone connected in DC beautifully and had a smooth flight over to Ethiopia. 
I have heard from them and all is good. I will leave you with these pics from their travels and they will get me the pics of the first day as soon as they can. 
I did get an update on the first day from Kelly B. Sounds like they had a wonderful first day on the ground. I will leave you with her update.....

Team 1 is officially on the ground and running or at least walking quickly. We landed and then got situated in the guest house and then we headed out to our first project of the week. We visited a transition home and had the best time holding the babies, playing soccer with the older kids and then pampering the nannies with pedicures galore. What an honor it is to be such a small but huge light to a group of people with some of the most simple of tools. The nannies lit up after having their nails done and I am sure they enjoyed a break from the children while knowing they were being well cared for and entertained. The team all agreed it was a great start to the week because all of the children we saw today had forever homes except for one. Walking into an orphanage can be overwhelmingly hopeless, but because of Ordinary Heroes like you and like me these sweet children all had infinite hope stored away in their smiles. They were calling out which state they were going to be moving to in the months to come and the mood in the house was one full of joy because of the passionate pursuit their parents had made. After a long two days of traveling the team has all called it a night in order to be well rested for the work to come. Our prayer is that in all we do, that we would be the tangible hands and feet of Jesus. Today we tried to remind the nannies at the orphanage that we all had the same gaping hole in our hearts, regardless of our wealth or lack there of, and that the same Jesus was there to fill that void and use us to point others to the solution. That is our goal over this next week, to bring hope to the hopeless, not by ourselves, because in the grand scheme of life our resources can seem so small, but with the hope of Christ, we can offer more than wealth can ever buy. We thank you for your prayers!

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