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Ethiopia Team 1, Day 2, CHANGING THE WORLD FOR ONE!

Ethiopia Team 1 - Day 2
(Thank you, Delilah, for sending us these awesome updates of your trip.)

Isaiah 58:6-8
Is not this the kind of fasting I have chosen: to loose the chains of injustice and to untie the chords of the yoke, to set the oppressed free and break every yoke? Is it not to share your food with the hungry and to provide the poor wanderer with shelter -- when you see the naked, to clothe him, and not to turn away from your own flesh and blood? Then your light will break forth like the dawn, and your healing will quickly appear; then your righteousness will go before you, and the glory of the Lord will be your rear guard. 

Today seemed like one "God moment" after another. From being a blessing to a church in Korah and finding out that they had been praying for a miracle, to literally reaching people with the gospel over and over again. Our day started at the sheep market, where we bought three sheep for an orphanage and three for a church in Korah to serve some street children and men.

We dropped the first three off at the church so they could begin cooking, and we drove the remaining three to the orphanage so they could prepare them for tomorrow, when we return because all of the children will be out of school. After getting the sheep where they needed to be, we returned to the church in Korah. While the women at the church prepared the meal, Brent shared a powerful message and the gospel with more than 20 street children and men who ranged in age from around 10 years to adult-age.

 Brent asked if anyone was sick and a young man came forward and said that he struggled with mental llness. Brent paryed for healing over the young man's mind and his life. It was a powerful moment, and there weren't many dry eyes in the place.

After the message the team gave each of them an article of clothing, some snacks, a toothbrush and a bible.

Shortly after that, the meal was prepared and we served each of them a full meal, which they probably hadn't had in weeks.

The pastor of the church was asked if they church had any needs, and one concern was that the rent had recently increased, actually doubled. So we were able to give him enough for a month's rent and shared with him that he should certainly laugh at that increase and know that our God is way bigger. The pastor later called our translator to reiterate his appreciation and said that he had prayed for a miracle. That church opened the doors to be a blessing to children and men who hadn't eaten a full meal in weeks and who desperately needed to hear the gospel, and in return, God made a way for that church to be blessed as well.

We returned to the guest house to sort out our numerous amounts of donations and we were simply blown away with what we had. The entire living and dining room was packed full as we sorted. It was incredible to see how many things filled the room.  We are thrilled to see how these many donations will bless so many in the next week.

A lot of the team have been outside of our guest house playing with a few of the children from around the area.

They are SO funny, as they know English (they learn it at school) and they are not afraid to ask us for anything. Any time you see them, they say, "where's Cassie?" because she was the first teammember to go out and play with them.

 They are precious and so much fun to play with. Well, today we simply wanted to bless them, with more than a game of soccer. We had nine boys ranging in age from around 6 years, to probably about 14 years old. We brought them in one-by-one and got them shoes, a new outfit and snacks and candy.

 Then we had them sit back out on the lawn while all of them went through. Once they were all done, Megyn sat down with them and shared the gospel with them.

We will see the boys morning and night for the next few days, and it excites us to think that they will see the light of Jesus in a tangible way.

Our final event for the day was dinner. Ashli was gracious enough to invite us over for dinner at her house. She hosted all 21 of us and about ten street kids from the post office area. We were served a traditional Ethiopian meal of injera, tibs, vegetables and sherro and enjoyed fellowship with one another and our new friends. During dinner, one of the teammembers noticed that the youngest of the street children, a boy named Kibron, seemed particularly underdressed. His shirt was too small, his shoes were ready for the trash and his clothes were dirty.

She suggested bringing him back to the guest house so we could bless him, and oh did we. He got a nice warm shower, new shoes, a new outfit, clothes, hygiene products, food and LOTS of love. We were told that Kibron is one of six children. Both of his parents are blind, so his older 15 year old brother takes care of each of the siblings and his parents. Their mother washes their clothes in a dirty lake, and because she is blind, their clothes are never fully cleaned. It was a blessing and honor to treat this sweet boy like he was the most important boy in all the world tonight. And I think that's the perfect ending to a perfect day for an Ordinary Hero mission team, simply changing the world for one.

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