Thursday, March 24, 2011

$100 Matching Grant for Affiliates Tomorrow....Plus, Adoption Tshirts!

Thanks to our online auction and the sale of another Ethiopian dress, we have $100 in grant money we are just itching to give away TOMORROW in a matching grant for our Fundraising Affiliates. We have many families signed up in our fundraising program to raise money for their adoption, or mission trip. This will be a great way to add an extra $200 toward the fundraising goal of the affiliate who reaches $100 in commission tomorrow first. The grant will go to the first affiliate to reach $100 in commission (not sales). Each affiliate receives 40% of anything purchased from our Store. I will announce the winner of the grant later in the day tomorrow. If you are not signed up with our Affiliate program but would like to, get signed up today, and you will be eligible to participate in the matching grant giveaway tomorrow. This will be one matching grant for the first affiliate to reach $100 in commission. But this will be a great way to boost everyone's accounts. Blessings to all who participate :)

Also, I am excited to announce that we will begin adding fundraising families own adoption tees to our store. I have been contacted by a couple of families who created really awesome tees but they now have their child home and do not want to sell them anymore, so they are donating the design and the left over tees to OH for us to add to our store in order for other fundraising families to be blessed by their shirts and be able to raise funds from them. I think that is so awesome. I have already received an awesome new Ethiopian tee and several handmade Ethiopian necklaces I will be adding next week. These tee shirts will be pre order unless I am given some in stock. We will print them when we receive a reasonable amount of orders, which should not take long :)

If you have your own tee, jewelry, etc, and would like us to consider it for our store, email  We will set the price and all fundraising Affiliates will receive 40% of the sales to help them reach their goal to bring their adopted children home or travel on a mission trip.

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