Sunday, March 6, 2011

Affiliate News, OH News and a Shout Out

Thank you to all of you affiliates who have signed up for our program. We are still working out some sign up kinks we have been experiencing within the system. When you sign up always email and tell her you just signed up so we can double check our records and make sure you are in there. This system is brand new so we REALLY appreciate your patience with this. We have gotten many of you up and selling with this program....Yay! Again, if you signed up and have not received an email from Karson, please let her know as she may not have record of your sign up. We are still waiting on confirmation from your agency/organization for a few of you who are signed up. You can email Karson and ask where you stand with that.

Also, when folks make purchases on your behalf they are always encouraged to add your name into the comment box to double back the credit of their purchase. I know when they go into the cart through your link it all looks the same because they enter through a code, but you get the credit through that code. They can enter your name into the comment box as well. It's always a good idea.

I realize as soon as I announced the $300 grant, we realized some sign ups weren't getting through to us....Ugh! :/ We have worked hard to try to get those of you who have contacted us signed up. So....we will offer another grant of some sort again after this one is reached :) For those of you who are selling, we have seen some great progress.
Let me show you how easy this can be.
Mary Leigh Brown is in the lead. She is almost half way there at $128.62 with only 4 purchases credited to her.
Angie McCuiston is behind her, having made $91.82 in commissions with two purchases credited to her.
Micah Frey is in third place at $89.86 with just 3 purchases credited to her.
Michelle Munari is in fourth at $79.88 with just 1 purchase. Yes she received that much credit from just one person purchasing on her behalf.

That is how easy this whole thing can be to put money into your account :)  Woo Hoo! Since this is new and we are making sure it is all going as it should, I will also be going through all the purchases that were made and were not credited to an affiliate and contacting those individuals to make sure they didn't mean for it to go toward someone.

If you are not signed up yet but would like to be CLICK HERE to sign up. BUT BE SURE TO EMAIL AND LET HER KNOW YOU SIGNED UP. THANKS ;)

Our new Kid's t shirt is in! Makayla won the art contest for the kid's t shirt design and it is in. I will be getting it, along with a new hat on the site early this week. Yay!

Speak Up! We are getting help on our Speak up emails now and trying to get her trained in how to do it. It has been a while since we have sent one out but there will be one coming out this week so be on the look out for it :)  We then hope to get one out every couple of weeks. This email has waiting children listed in it in hopes that you can help advocate for them.

Need your OH Sighting pics! I am creating a new page on the site called OH sightings (like a super (ordinary) Hero was sighted....get it?) of you wearing our OH merch. So if you would like to be featured wearing our stuff on our site, send me your pic and mention where you are from. If you are supporting someones adoption or mission, mention that as well.  Would love to see you in our stuff :)

OH Shout Out! The Miller Family is adopting their second child from South Korea and they are holding a raffle which was supposed to end on Friday but it goes through today now as well. So hop over to their raffle site and see if you would like to help support their adoption.

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