Saturday, March 19, 2011

Auction Winner and Donations.

The dress and doll will be going to the new home of Jen Gray. She was the highest bidder. Thank you, Jen!! You will love this dress and dolly :) Those funds will be going into the pot for a matching grant for affiliates. Yay!

Also, I wanted to make everyone aware that in our store, we have a new category called Product Donations for Children in Africa.

This is a way to bring much needed basic necessities to children we will be visiting on our July mission trips, and the affiliate receives credit for it as well.

So check it out in the Product Donations for Children in Africa section in our Store. You will find......

 Why Aqua shoes? It is wet and muddy and so many children need durable shoes as you can see from these pics from our last trip.

 Why Blankets? Because one thing you may not realize is that in July in Ethiopia...IT IS COLD! I can't tell you how many children we found shivering and all we wanted to do was give them a warm blanket.

 Why Raincoats? It rains every day during the rainy season. There were children everywhere with no protection from the rain.

So you can hop over to the Store and check out these product donations for yourself. We will be taking these items with us in July and you can follow along on this blog and watch us pass them out. Thank you.

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