Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Latest Updates, Happenings, and Prayer Requests!!

I can't tell you how many amazing families I come across in our OH world. I am blessed to hear many of your stories of adoptions from around the world, of both healthy and special needs children. I am blessed to learn of the the unbelievable calls of God on your lives which result in you laying your lives down for another in some pretty amazing ways. Our mission at OH is to inspire and empower ORDINARY people to make an extraordinary difference in the life of a child in need. All of the families I have the pleasure of "meeting" in this blog world and through my website, truly are ORDINARY HEROES who are stepping up to CHANGE THE WORLD FOR ONE and inspiring many as they do. We can all only strive to live out the call of God in the best ways we can. So many of you have stepped up to do just that. I just want you to know that I am blessed to be able to share a small part of your journey and life calling as we share the same heart for adoption, outreach, and missions to help those who can't help themselves.

I first want to mention two great prayer requests that I would like you all to be lifting up.......

The first one is little Lucy......

Some of you have probably seen the number of prayer requests going up for this sweet child, but just in case you haven't I want you to remember to pray God's strength, grace, and HEALING for this little girl and her family. Lucy was unexpectedly diagnosed with cancer and is currently being treated at St Jude. Her mother blogs openly about their journey of heartache, frustration and amazing faith in God through this time of trial. You can visit her blog HERE. Grab her button and remember to pray for Lucy's healing from cancer. This family is a testimony to us all.

Second, I would like you to pray for little Kirill.......
Kirill is a beautiful little boy from Russia. Please pray for God to release this child into the loving arms of Tesney and Greg. They have signed up to adopt Kirill and fallen madly in love with him. Kirill has Downs Syndrome and from what I have been told...."the judge said no, that he would be better off in an institution for the rest of his life b/c of his "medical condition". She called him socially unadaptable."
That is just awful! They are taking it before the Supreme Court soon and asking everyone to help spread the word about this injustice. So be in prayer for this family to find favor with the Supreme Court and be able to bring home their little boy from Russia very soon. You can read more of their story HERE, as well as grab their button. 

OH Banquet!!
We literally have sold all but one table to our banquet on April 7th!! Yay! It is going to be such a great dinner, silent auction, and event!! If you would like to attend and have not purchased your ticket, please contact Colleen@OrdinaryHero.org.  It is going to be an amazing night!!

Waiting Children!!
There are new waiting children from Ethiopia added to our waiting children site right now. There are also Ugandan children as well as updated pics of some of our past waiting children. CLICK HERE if you would like to view the waiting children. You must email Kristi@Ordinaryhero.org for the password, as this is a password protected site. Who is waiting for you??

I have some beautiful handmade necklaces from Ethiopia I will be featuring for sale on my blog in the next day or so, in order to raise money for Adoption Grants.  Be on the look out for those soon!!

I will leave you with a bit of encouragement from Jesus Calling Devotional today......

Stop trying to work things out before their times have come. Accept the limitations of living one day at a time. When something comes to your attention, ask Me whether or not it is part of today's agenda. If it isn't, release it into My care and go on about today's duties. When you follow this practice, there will be a beautiful simplicity about your life: a time for everything and everything in its time. 
A life lived close to Me is not complicated or cluttered. When your focus is on My Presence, many things that once troubled you lose their power over you. Though the world around you is messy and confusing, remember that I have overcome the world. I have told you these things, so that in Me you may have peace. 
(Eccl 3:1, John 16:33)

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  1. Hi Kelly,

    Thanks to this post my family has been praying for Kirill. We will be praying this week as they go before the supreme court judge!


    Psalm 146:9
    The LORD protects the strangers; He supports the fatherless and the widow, but He thwarts the way of the wicked.

    May God continue to use OH on behalf of the orphan!
    Christine Nichols