Thursday, March 3, 2011

Matching Grant and Some Tips for New Fundraising Affiliates

First, I wanted to say that we are offering a matching grant to the first Affiliate to receive $300 of commissions from the Fundraising program! That means whoever gets to $300 in their account first from raising funds, we will match it and your $300 will become $600! Yay! 

I would also like to put the word out to any individual, organization, or company who would like to donate and offer a matching grant to these fundraising affiliates. I will post your business or spread the word about your organization on my blog and website to announce who is offering the matching grant. Your donation will be tax deductible and you will be helping adoptive families bring their babies home, or a person traveling on a mission trip to serve, be able to fund their trip to get them there to help children in need. It would be a very worthy donation and 100% of it would go to the affiliate who reached the goal to receive the matching grant. I can't explain how much it will be appreciated by them. Please email me at if you are interested in offering a matching grant to these fundraising affiliates. 

I wanted to share a few cool tips for those of you who are signed up with our Fundraising Affiliate Program. Once you go to the site and SIGN UP, you will then be verified. Once accepted then you will receive an email with your own personal link to our cart. Through that link and only through that link is how you will receive credit for each purchase made from your friends and family. You will receive 40% of every purchase made. It is pretty awesome! 

I wanted to show you these cool buttons and banners available to you for you to use on your blog or site.  When you receive your email with your cart link, you will also have a link to your homepage where you will sign in to be able to look at your sales, etc. If you look to the left of that page you will see "Banners" and "Page Peels".  If you click on those buttons you will see the code to be able to copy and paste into your blog to create a quick and easy place for your friends and family to click on to go directly to your cart where you will get the credit. I have put examples in my right side bar today for you. You will see the page peel and also the two banners(buttons) for you to choose from. You will see that when you click on them it takes you directly to the cart. When you copy and paste the code from your homepage, it will take them to the cart for you to get the credit. 

To paste code, copy it from your Affiliate Homepage under banners or page peels, depending on which you want. Go to your design, then scroll down and click on gadgets. Then click on Html/java script and paste your code in there. You can say something in the title like "Click here and I will receive 40% of every purchase." or something like that to let folks know that the link will give you credit. 

That's it! A great way to add a fundraising button to your blog!

If you are fundraising but haven't signed up with our program, 
It's a great, easy way for you to raise the much needed funds for your adoption, mission trip, or even for your own child advocacy, 501c3 organization. 

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  1. Thank you so much for this opportunity! Hoping to add to our adoption fund!