Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Ordinary Hero featured in........

First off, I hope everyone has made their way to our NEW SITE and NEW STORE by now. Check it out if you haven't. Also, don't forget we just launched our new FUNDRAISING PROGRAM for any of you needing to raise funds for your adoption or mission trip. We will be adding new items each month :)

OH has been featured on a couple of sites lately.

First we are featured in the Nashville Rescue Mission Newsletter this month.

I think they wrote a great article on OH and the reason behind why I am passionate for helping people which led to me starting Ordinary Hero. You will see it if you receive their newsletter. If not, you can see it on their WEBSITE. I find it a blessing to partner with the Nashville Rescue Mission Family Life Center for women and children.  We have had the opportunity to serve and make relationships with some amazing moms and kids out of the shelter. I am honored that they would feature OH this month.

Second, You will have to go check out the Karen Halbert Photography site.

She has OH featured on her site. She so graciously shot the amazing photos for our new site. She has some new pics of my niece, little Lucy Lane, on there as well. Karen is a great friend and photographer. She did such an amazing job to give us the look and feel of our new site. Thanks, Karen!!

Lastly, I thought you would all get a kick out of our newest OH member. We are all about justice and heroes around here, so it is only appropriate that the JUSTICE LEAGUE has added their newest HERO to help them bring peace and justice in this world. WATCH OUT! This new Ordinary Super Hero stands ready to fight for the least of these and defend the cause of the fatherless with the best of them!


  1. I am so glad that the word is spreading more and more about Ordinary Hero... only amazing things can come of that!

  2. What exciting things have been happening at Ordinary Hero! I am thrilled for you and all that is being made possible in your fight for the orphan and those in need. I also LOVED seeing on your post about welcoming home new families two sisters that we had the privilege of meeting in Ethiopia when we picked up our daughter, Selah. They have gotten SO big!!! Blessings!!!