Thursday, March 3, 2011


If you have signed up for our affiliate program and have not received an email from Karson......PLEASE SIGN UP AGAIN. We have had a glitch today and not sure how long it has been there. We have not been getting notices of new sign ups. UGH!! EEK!!We are sooooo sorry. Pray I don't get an ulcer trying to get this whole new thing launched :-) BUT we think we have it figured out now. So sign up again please and Karson should be in touch with you. WHEN YOU SIGN UP AGAIN, SEND KARSON AN EMAIL AND LET HER KNOW YOU JUST SIGNED UP TO MAKE DOUBLE SURE WE HAVE THIS FIXED. If you have questions as to whether she received your sign up. Please email her at and ask her if she has you on record or not. She will let you know.
THANK YOU  for your patience as we get the kinks out of this brand new launch. I promise it will be a great thing :-)



  1. Is the match...when we sell $300 or make $300 in commissions?

  2. The match is when you make $300 in commission. Thanks :-)