Sunday, March 13, 2011

Here We Go AGAIN!! New Affiliate info and New Product is in.

Well.....we have launched our new store and Affiliate program....AGAIN :)
We kept running into some issues with the other program so we have gone another route.

First, check out our new STORE. We have a new look AND our Kid's Winning Tshirt Design is in! Visit the STORE and click on Kids/Youth and check out Makayla's tshirt design. They are available for purchase now.

We also just got in a new adorable hat. Go to the Accessories page in the store to view more pics and purchase.

To all of you wanting to sign up for our Affiliate Program......

If you have not received an email from us last night or this morning then that means that the old system did not record your sign up. Please visit our AFFILIATE SIGN UP PAGE.  Here you will agree to the terms and conditions. Once you agree then it will return to that same page where you will scroll to bottom and there you will find the link that will take you to the actual sign up page. Copy and paste that link into your address bar and go to that page. Click on Create New Account. Fill out the info, submit it and you will automatically receive a url tracking code link to begin selling through.
That url tracking code is what you will send out in emails to your friends and family in order for them to purchase through our store and you receive the 40% commission. We will send you images as well which you can turn into buttons for your blog. Remember, every item purchased through your tracking code link, you will receive 40% of the subtotal.

We are still keeping track of the commissions from the old system to be credited for the $300 matching grant. Right now, Angie McCuiston is in the lead with $229.62 (6 sales)in commissions. She is getting close. In second place we have Mary Leigh Brown with $170.56 (6 sales). Third we have Michelle Munari with $95.86 (2 sales). These are the calculated commission totals in not even two weeks worth of selling.  That is great! You can see how just a few sales can mean big commissions for our affiliates. We are matching the first $300 in commissions.

If this is confusing and you can't figure out how to sign up please don't hesitate to email with any questions you may have. We are doing our best to make this as easy as can be for you with a top notch system that works great.

We hope to help you reach all your fundraising goals.


  1. I would love to buy from someone who is raising funds! How can I find an affiliate?

  2. HI Sam I Am :) That is a great idea. I will be posting all our affiliates on my blogroll for all to see them and their stories. Thanks so much!!