Saturday, October 1, 2011

Ethiopia~ Here We Come!!

Well, we made it to Ethiopia! The 6 of us met up in Washington as you can see above. Check out our new October Long sleeve T's. These are super cute and comfy and will be available in the OH store. There is an OH grant contest coming this week so be on the look out :)

Deborah, pictured below, is ready to kick off this Sponsorship program!!

We were running this first day on major jetlag so we made a stop at Kaldis with our awesome guide, Masti!!
We then had some packages to hand out to some of the P61 kids at the new Akaki boarding school that they are in so we headed over there. I met up with my amazing friend, Eden, whom I just love!

Robel was showing us his room.
We line the girls up in order to pass out some new jammies for all of them.

Here, Ashli and Sumer sat them all down to talk to them about being grateful :)
 It was great getting to see some of the joyful faces that we first met just over a year ago living in the trash dump.

 This was especially neat for Stacey, who met these kids last year on our first OH mission trip while they were living in the dump and had not gotten sponsors yet.

 Of course I loved getting to catch up with Ashli and Sumer from P61 ministries.

So this kiddo below with Eden was so cute. He was having Eden translate a letter for him to his sponsor.
All I know is his sponsor's name is Michael. So if you are Michael, then this kiddo loves you and misses you. He said it over and over :) How sweet!
We were sooo wiped at the end of the day! I tried to sneak a pic of the girls sleeping on the way back to the guest house but Deborah caught me :) It was a great first day getting to see how the world of sponsorship works. It is an awesome, life changing experience for these kids.
Stay tuned for my next post. We met the most amazing couple. First we saw them on our plane and then they ended up staying at our same guest house. They are here to adopt and bring home their new baby girl. It is their first child. But the most fascinating and awesome fact to their story is that they are a Mennonite couple. I videoed their story and will show you in the next post. Stay tuned!!

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