Thursday, October 20, 2011

Halloween Outreach 2011.....Coming Soon!

Our annual Halloween Outreach is just around the corner. This is always an awesome way to reach out to the children residing at the Nashville Rescue Mission. This year OH will have a booth set up at the Franklin Pumpkinfest on Oct 29. We will be providing costumes and transportation to the moms and their children who reside at the mission. We are currently taking sign ups for volunteers as well as event sponsors and costume donations.
 Each year the kiddos LOVE this outreach. They get to dress up as their favorite super heroes and have some great festival fun for a day outside of their normal surroundings.
 This is a great way to volunteer and be an Ordinary Hero to a child in need for a day.
 We always head down to the mission about a week before and find out what the kids want to dress up as. We try to give them a costume from their top three choices.
 We then arrive on festival day with many costumes in tow. Even our volunteers have fun dressing up.
 Each child gets a costume and lunch and treat money for the day. They get so excited. It seems like Christmas to them :)

 I encourage you to check out our Halloween Outreach page on the site and look into volunteering, sponsoring this event, or providing a costume donation. This simple outreach has connected folks and we have seen many lives change as a result. We look forward to a wonderful outreach on the 29th!!

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